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Ropani Festival

Anisha Rauniyar May 19, 2020

Ropani is festival of agriculture field. Horticulture is consider one of the critical occupations here in Nepal. 15th day of Ashar is celebrated as a Ropain celebration – rice planting celebration. This year, Ropain celebration falls on 30th June 2020. Distinctive sorts of regular crops are collect within the diverse seasons in a diverse portion of the nation. Due to the nearness of distinctive sort of lands, individuals develop in like manner. But most of the flatlands in Terai and terraced areas of Slope districts. They are utilize for development of diverse regular crops like rice, wheat, maize, etc.

One of the major crops to be develop is rice and amid the rainstorm season. It is developed as rice ranch needs parcels of water. Amid this season, neighborhood individuals are lock in in rice ranch. Ranchers celebrate this rice planting as a celebration where they assemble, appreciate planting, move, sing. They have a little devour in between and after the manor. Within the past few a long time, not as it were the neighborhood agriculturists. But the visitors who come to Nepal for the visit in this stormy season took portion and delight in planting rice.

Photo Source: Tourism Mall

But the rice ranch starts from the primary week of the Asar on the off chance that the monsoon is dynamic. This is often the totally modern involvement for the nearby as well as visitors. They take an interest in this celebration other than climbing, journey, and touring. This interest energizes agriculturists to plant paddy. It is celebrate for the most part in Kathmandu and Pokhara, but in the event that you’re somewhere near the manor location. You’ll be able inquire the nearby ranchers to take an interest within the manor. Most of them will never say no, so don’t miss the chance to inquire and involvement the rice manor in a nearby way

Aasare Jhyaure

Amid rice ranch, individuals sing Aasare Jhyaure – a conventional rainstorm melody, plants paddy with the uncovered hands. Within the sloppy field conjointly sprinkling sloppy water on each other. Whereas most of the manor is by the female, the male will plow and level the field to ease manor. In between ranch, you’ll appreciate a neighborly mud wrestling, pull of war, sprinkling the sloppy water on each other, and plow racing competition. It is all neighborly competition, so no one loses, everybody may be a victor here.


Enjoying the festival

Everybody, from a little child to an ancient individuals appreciate this manor in their possess way. You may be serve with a few nearby luxuries on the ranch. To boost up the vitality for manor, they will indeed serve you conventional Nepalese neighborhood alcoholic refreshments and local cuisines. Too, you may be serve a Dahi Chiura (curd blend with chomp rice). It is accept that these nourishments and refreshments will assist you to remedy and make you resistant from the illness amid ranch.

Make beyond any doubt simply take an additional match of clothes because you may be totally drench within the sloppy water. It could be a complete workout of the body where you may disregard almost everything and appreciate rice manor, sing, dance, eat, drink, and play within the mud. It’ll be a paramount occasion for you and for the ranchers for whom you planted the rice within the Celebration of Rice Planting in Nepal.

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