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Rafting Adventures

Abhishek Subedi May 18, 2020

As Nepal is the land of numbers of fast flowing rivers, the rafting is the most do adventures for the both local tourist and international tourist  in Nepal. It provides the people thrilling and adventurous experience. Rafting in Nepal is considered most popular adventure as we have the numerous world class rivers. Rafting in certain rivers is considered as an extreme sports and can be fatal and dangerous.

River Rafting


White-water rafting is said to be first recorded in 1811 in the Snake River in Wyoming. Due to no any proper training, experience or proper equipment, the river was too difficult and dangerous to raft with the given nickname of ”Mad River”. On  June 9, 1940 the successful rafting was done through the Snake River Canyon. From this date the rafting is the recreational outdoor activities which is the favourite of those seeking for the adventure in their life.


Trishuli River Rafting Adventures

Rafting in Trishuli river is considered as one of the safest rafting spot in Nepal. It is easily accessible from Kathmandu. One day rafting tour in Trishuli is really famous among both the local and international tourists. Trishuli river is most popular for rafting with exciting rapids and beautiful landscape. In high water conditions, this river is  perfect  for a short blast with huge and fast current. The rafting is more fun when there is a high flow of water with the continuous rapids and pleasant calm water. The starting point of the rafting is Baireni and ends in Gaighat. The rafting usually lasts for about 3-4 hours and after that the people are allowed to experience the free diving from the one og the largest rock in ending point. This add more fun and adventure to the trip. The best season for rafting are spring, summer and autumn season.

The cost of the rafting is as

  • USD 40$ per person/per day (Foreigner)
  • USD 35$ per person/per day (Chinese)
  • NRS 2000 per person/per day (Nepali)

Rafting is the perfect gateway for those seeking both adventure and beautiful nature. We can get there by the transportation hired by the travel agency.


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