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Puranokot Village

Anisha Rauniyar July 8, 2020

Puranokot kaulepani Homestay in Nepal, Duradanda VDC. As per the 1991 Nepal registration, has a populace of 2135 individuals living in 430 individual families. It is a three hour walk structure Sundarbazar, a town showcase. Confronting east, it lies between waterway Kirenche in the east . Paudi River in the south and Chadreswar Village in the west . There are 4 Primary Schools and one secondary school name Sanskriti Sadan in the town of Archalyani.

Puranokot VDC, as per the 1991 Nepal statistics, has a populace of 1666 individuals living in 330 individual family units. Puranokot includes two words, Purano + Kot (old + fortification) . It has a significant noteworthiness in setting up first Shah ruler in the lower some portion of Lamjung against the Ghale Rajas of upper Lamjung. This strategy has eventually changed Nepal’s history. This authentic town is a Gurung’s town arrange on the lap Purankot top. Visitors will before long have the chance to climb between these wonderful towns. With stunning perspectives on the Annapurna mountain run. They will stop en route to encounter social exercises, test nearby food, and appreciate the neighborliness of town families. While remaining the night in one of their enchanting customary homes.

Another of the exercises will be the opportunity to shake climb a 300 foot stone divider over the town of Puranokot. There are likewise some recorde legacy destinations in this town like the bulwarks of the Lamjung Durbar. It is accept to be work in the fifteenth century . Strict spots as the Kaulepanidevi Temple and the Lamjung Klaika Temple.


History is apparent that individuals of Lamjung particularly from Dura Danda have assumed a significant job in forming the fate of Nepal. It isn’t simply notable in Lamjung however has cut an exceptional part throughout the entire existence of Nepal because of the way toward building up the Shah Dynasty. During the beginning of the Shah Dynasty, there was no lord in the lower Lamjung state and an appropriate ruler was look for.

At that point Khaje Dura, Dadhiram Dura and Madhav Dura, Chamu Dhingal, Sukraj Kepchha and Kusmakar Ghimire drew nearer Kulamand Sahi the ruler of Kaski and requested his child Kalu Shah. The second child of Kulamandan Sahi was taken to the Lamjung and was make King at Puranokot in Lamjung contrary to the Ghale lord of Ghanpokhara. Following three months Kalu Shah was welcome to meet the Ghale ruler on the misrepresentation of there being an arrangement built up between them. Kalu Shah and Naran Dura together went to the timberland of Sisi Dhunga close Baglungpani to chase and, while chasing they were killed.

On the unexpected passing of Kalu shah, Yasobrahma Shah (otherwise called Jasmu Shah), another child of Kulamandan Sahi was set on the seat by Khaje Dura on Saturday the 15 Asad 1550 BS. 21st of Kartik and 27th of Push are the two significant schedule dates. 21st Kartick is a Khaje Memorial day. On this day a stupendous festival happen in his memory. 27th of Paush is similarly significant as this day is commended to recognize the day on which Khaje Dura had offered Sindur/Abir to Yeshobrahma Shah as a feature of the way toward setting up the Shah Dynasty. Likewise, this day is additionally celebrated as the birthday of ruler Prithivi Narayan Shah, who is the image of national solidarity. Pritivinarayan Shah the organizer of the cutting edge Nepal was the immediate relative of Yasobrahma Shah.


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