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Pokali Waterfall

Anisha Rauniyar June 12, 2020

Pokali waterfall entertains us a creation of nature. All of us,once in some time, after it came down (for the most part) have seen a semi-round assortment of hues and shouted with joy, resolving the showcase of nature into what the silly soul needs to think about it.Its only superb to see a rainbow, isn’t it?What on the off chance that I disclose to you I have contacted it! That is correct, you heard me right and no I am not drunk. This can occur on the off chance that you are in Nepal and ,would wouldn’t fret voyaging two or three hours by street from the capital city to Okhaldhunga.

pokali waterfall
PC: Suyog Ghimire

Okhaldhunga has slopes in its yard and mountains at its roof. One of the seven parts of Saptakoshi,which is the biggest stream of Nepal, Likhu waterway falls in the equivalent district.Pokali,which is professed to be the second most elevated cascade of Nepal lies close to the outskirt of Okhaldhunga and Raamechap. To reach Pokali waterfall isn’t troublesome in the event that you don’t have any difficult going by transport for certain hours.

At the point when I was intending to make a trip to Okhaldhunga, I knew close to nothing about how to reach there. I simply had a small snippet of data that Pokali lies in Okhaldhunga and afterward one can see a rainbow in the cascade. I went to the old buspark (KTM) and afterward enquired about the cascade and the best course. Nobody appeared to have a lot of data about it;not even local people!! At long last somebody educated me that the course from Ramechap is the most limited to arrive at the cascade, of which the source was “not entirely certain”.

In case you’re wanting to go to Pokali waterfall, this part is for you. We (me and 4 of my movement mates) took the long course by taking a transport to Sanghutaar (Raamechap). The charge was Rs 450 and the hour of flight was 8:00 A.M. sharp in the morning.It took us about 7-8 hours to reach Sanghutaar. We remained in the neighborhood hold up there which was extremely modest. (50 Rs a bed and 80 Rs for each feast which was rice and the preferences that Nepalese like). The proprietor of the spot was Mr. Ganesh Shrestha a.k.a. Ghadiwala (The Watch Man). He used to be a picture taker of his time.We were blessed to get an opportunity to see a vintage Yashika Camera which was 25 years of age! The following morning, we needed to climb for around 3 hours along the banks of Likhu waterway to reach Sirishe. I’ve heard that now-a-days one can get immediate transport to Sirishe.We had our morning feast here at a neighborhood inn claimed by Sunuwar kaka(I dont recollect his name however I cannot overlook his cordiality.). Still we are in Raamechap. From here, we could see the cascade in the slopes as of now. So close, yet up until this point. We crossed the stream Likhu and afterward from here began, Okhaldhunga. We climbed for around 3 hours through the ranches and towns, streams and brooks.Finally after 2.5 to 3 hours of climb, we could hear the cascade thundering 500 meters before the real area. It was simply astonishing!!

Being straightforward, I don’t have a lot of words to depict the real feeling.I mean, this whole excursion’s experience isn’t so-expressable with words. The advisory group’s work is commendable, I will say. There are steps with the goal that you can see the whole perspective on the cascade. When at the foot of the cascade, we were unable to hear our words well because of the thunder of the waterfall.But, when we climbed the steps to have an all the more intensive look, we were simply entranced. Once there, you will wind up taking a gander at an edge of 75 degrees, attempting to see the inception/head of cascade. Visit there during stormy seasons Shrawan (July/August) and you can see the cascade at its best. Plan in like manner with the goal that its radiant when you arrive. And afterward, at the opposite finish of this ideal arrangement, you can contact a rainbow framed by the beams of sun striking the beads from the cascade. Once more, a little data here. You can get an immediate transport from KTM to Dhade (Okhaldhunga). Along these lines you don’t need to invest a lot of energy to arrive at the cascade precisely.


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