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Places of Butwal

Anisha Rauniyar June 2, 2020

Palpa – This Temple Siddhababa is set in Tinau Rural Municipality, Ward No. 03, Dovan, Palpa. This celebrated with the focal point of strict availability and accept where reveres Lord Shiva Temple just as Gorkhanath. It has become a strict spot of everyone’s anxiety and fixation. It is very characteristic that everyone is interested and worry to be acquainted.

The term Siddha suggests achievement certain works or getting of specific things sincerely wanted for and anticipated. The Temple Siddhababa may have so named as on the grounds that whatever the fans supplicate or wish before his sanctuary to be honored with or whatever they seek to get from his thoughtfulness and sympathy is being satisfied.

Siddha Baba Temple

The entire of territory secured by the sanctuary of Siddhababa is the blessed spot of Penance of the extraordinary holy person King Bhartrihari. As indicated by the prevalent misconception and conviction, the spot is called Siddhababa as holy person Bhartrihari accomplished and achieved flawlessness having spent her, his entire of segregated existence of religion. Indeed, Bhartrihari was the senior sibling of lord Bikramaditya one who started his own period Bikram Sambat. As the fantasy or legend goes ruler Bhartrihari had achieved flawlessness through Penance in this piece of the world after or changing over to Nath organization in the wake of surrendering his seat having the contention with his sovereign Pingala and his sibling. He composed his well known work Shatak Traya living in this spot. In the perspective on Dr. Murari Parajuli, the Tri Satak composed by Bhartrihari is additionally short sonnet (Muktak). There is history that he composed Shatak bearing the topics of asceticism, ethical quality, and sentimentalism sitting on the slopes of Kuhire Bhir close to the Siddhababa Temple.

This sanctuary had been enrolled in the workplace of District Administration, Palpa in the years 2055 B.S. (1998 A.D.) under the authority of man Bahadur Shrestha for the best possible administration of the Siddhababa Temple. The Development Committee is being perceived every now and then.

The love of Shive is being acted in the sanctuary of Siddhababa. Shiva is likewise famously called Bholebaba. We have the primary sanctuary of shiv, different sanctuaries of Ganesh, Nag, Mansa Devi, Bishwokarma Baba alongside Akhand Dhuni (Continuous consuming of blessed fire) in the premises of the Siddhababa Temple.

The Premises of Siddhababa sanctuary has Dharmashala (particularly rest house for fans), Shradha (place for performing strict customs of giving recognition to dead spirits of a family), stopping spots, and open sterile, screen for powerless individuals have been developed with the materials or good aides and supports of various people or associations under the activities of building and revering at Siddhababa Temple returns similarly as 2031 B.S. (1974 A.D.).

These days quantities of fans are expanding step by step, who have a place with all district to reach Siddhababa; for the most part they are from Gorakhpur, India. Enthusiasts accepted that the association of Gorkhapur sanctuary and Siddhababa Temple with name of Gorakhnath.

Phulbari (Manimukunda Park)

Phulbari, the winter royal residence of Palpali Sen tribe is exceptionally captivating from normal and archeological qualities. There are vestiges and artifacts of the great royal residence of Manimukunda Sen an antiquated Palpali King containing 6 enormous rooms just as imperial home, authoritative and interesting beautiful greatness Siddharthanagar and other neighboring towns of Rupandehi area can be clearly observed from here around evening time moreover. His Majesty’s Government, the archeological division has endeavored to keep up it in 1991. Presently Butwal district has shaped gathering for the protection of Manimukunda Sen Park to lead Phulbari Development Program and endeavored to make it a diverting and a visitor resort.

Manimukunda Park


Jeetgadhi post, where Nepali warriors beat the East India Company armed force, is a noticeable part of the Butwal cityscape. Situated on the western bank of the Tinau River, the stronghold can be reached by a half-hour stroll from Butwal baazar.

Jitgadhi Fort

As per antiquarian Nirmal Shrestha, the fortification was worked by Mukunda Sen and was utilized during the Anglo-Nepal war 200 years back. The Nepali soldiers were driven by Captain Ajeer Singh, while the British side was going by Major General Wood. The Nepali soldiers triumphed against the British, which prompted the fortress being named Jeetgadhi in 1861 BS.


Situated around 12 km. west from Butwal and to North from Banakatti, Sainamaina as an open exhibition hall is well known and captivating hotel from recorded archeological culture and common perspectives. Among the various Gramas towns of Shakya King, it was in the samgrama site. An Indian sovereign (Begam Hazrat Mahal of Oudh/Awadh/Lucknow) as a result of the British aggravation in her realm resulted in these present circumstances zone with her troopers and doormen (‘Sena’ and Mena’) lastly this territory came to be known as Saina Maina. It is a flawless fortune trove of old remains and ancient pieces: sculptures of moving holy people, remnants of the royal residence, well and so forth. The sculpture of Buddha(Jogidanda) was exceptionally noteworthy various remains of having the estimations of old style craftsmanship are dissipated to a great extent. This well known archeological site is being involved by destitute and landless individuals. A portion of the artifacts of this site are seen tossed around the Lumbini exhibition hall.

Likewise, Ganesh Temple, Narayansthan, Radhakrishna Temple, Kalika Temple, Ram Temple, Bhuwaneshwori Temple, Bouddha Stupa and so on are some different strict spots to see in Butwal.


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