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Places around Saptari

Abhishek Subedi June 5, 2020

Saptari is the district renowned for its great agricultural output. It lies on the outer part of the Terai and is bounded by the massive Sapta Koshi river on its east side. The district is the 10th most populated district of Nepal with a population of 639,284. Rajbiraj is the headquarter of the district. It is also known to be the hottest place of Nepal during summer season.  The main ethnicities of the district are Maithili, Tharu, Magahi and Brahmin and Chhetri in relatively smaller numbers than them. The district is also famous for the fish farming centre.  It also has the religious, historical and traditional values with some of the great monuments and temples. The majority of the people here speak Maithili and Hindi language.

Major Tourist attractions of the Saptari

There are many tourist attractions in this district. Many pilgrims from neighbouring countries India visit this district every year. This area has great religious and historical values. It is home to the many powerful and famous deities of the Hindus. The famous Chhinnamasta temple is also the holy and sacred place located in this district.

  1. Kankalini Temple

Kankalini Temple is a famous temple and Shakti Peethas in Eastern Part of Nepal. It is situated in the Bhardaha rural development region of the district. The temple lies 19 km east from the headquarters of the district. It lies near the Indian Border Birpur. The temple is packed with thousands of domestic as well as pilgrims from the neighbouring country India.  It lies near Mahendra Highway Bhardah section. The temple is mostly crowded with the devotees during the special occasion of Vijaya Dashami. During 9 days of the Vijaya Dashami, thousands of goats are sacrificed here.

According to History and Hindu legends and purans, during the establishment of human villages in Bhardaha, the villagers found the stone statue of the Goddess Durga while digging the land there. At that time they settled the statue in Kankalini Temple and started worshipping the goddess. They believed that the goddess protected them from evil energy and bad fortunes. The devotees from all round Nepal and India visit this temple with the wish in their heart. They believed that if they pray to the goddess with pure heart and soul, their wish will be granted by the goddess.

Places around Saptari

The temple is built in the pagoda style with the pinnacle on top. It has five storied roofs. The main shrine of the temple contains one of the powerful forms of Hindu goddess  of Durga whom people worship with full devotion and faith. During the festival of Dashain, this temple witnesses more than 5000 visitors worshipping daily with devotion and animal sacrifices of goat or buffalo. More than 1000 goats are offered daily but buffalo sacrifices are made only on the ninth day of Dashain. This temple is located in a large area that has a beautiful garden and a small temple of Lord Ganesh.

  1. Rajdevi Temple

Rajdevi Temple is another temple that holds high religious significance in the life of the people of Rajbiraj and also the town itself is named after it. It is believed that the stone carved statues of Gods and Goddesses inside the temple are more than 1000 years old and they are also said to have kept in the same position they were found in. This is also the reason why the statues are underground.

Places around Saptari

The shrine of the temple contains the Goddess Rajdevi which is also the many forms of the Goddess Durga, the goddess of strength and power. This temple is known to be the family temple of brother of King Janak, King Kushadhwaja. The temple was earlier restored by Sense of Makwanpur in around the 14th century. During the festival of Dashain, many pilgrims from the country and India visit this temple to offer their devotion and pray to the goddess. The devotees sacrifice the animals as offerings to the goddess on the last three days of the Navaratri. 

Besides the goddess,the temple has the scripture of the other gods also. The statues of other gods like Lord Shiva, Ganesh, Vishnu were also found while digging and are enshrined in the temple. There is also the podium for marriage (vivah mandap) in the temple premises where the marriage ceremony is conducted.

 This temple holds great historical, religious and cultural significance. However, the place and the temple is not so popular like other temples because of the inefficiency of the government on its promotion. 

  1. Chitragupta Temple

Chitragupta Temple is also one of the famous temples of the Saptari district. This temple is the part of the Rajdevi Temple. The temple is situated on the right side of the Rajdevi Temple. Even though it is the part of the Rajdevi Temple, it itself is the unique temple of the Chitragupta,( the god of the justice), is quite rare to find. It is said that while digging the place where the temple stands by , people found one pen along with the Chitragupta statue. The pen is believed to belong to Chitragupta who is responsible for keeping the records of the people and their deeds while they lived on the earth.  The pen is kept on auction every year and the highest bidder gets to keep the pen for a year. It is one of the most important events for the people as the auction money goes to the development of the area.

Places around Saptari
  1. Shambhunath Temple

Shambhunath temple is the temple of the Lord Shiva located in the East- West highway section of Shambhunath, Saptari. People mostly visit this temple during the first month of the Nepali calendar, Baisakh. During this month, the month-long fare is observed in this temple. The temple is mainly packed with the pilgrims from Nepal as well as India.

The temple holds great historical, cultural and religious significance in locale and neighbouring areas. The Shiva Lingam was founded in Chandrabhoga Gadhi and have kept in same place. Reconstruction of temple was done in 1996. The six feet long Shivalinga was believed to be growing earlier but currently, it has stopped growing.

Places around Saptari

The western side of the temple contains the ruins which indicates that the Shiva Lingam is very old. Unlike other temples, locals sacrifice goats and pigeons here once their vows are fulfilled. People also offer brinjals to get rid of warts. The temple is mostly crowded with the devotees during the festival of Vijaya Dashami and Baisakh Purnima. Every year, thousands of pilgrims from Nepal , India and other countries visit this holy place to worship the deity.


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