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Phat Khat

Anisha Rauniyar July 27, 2020

On the off chance that you have ever meandered around Thamel looking for a spot that catches its feel. At that point Phat Khat is the correct decision for you. Situated in the rear entryway inverse to Pilgrims Books Store, delicate blocks float out off Phat Khat into the road of Thamel. To welcome you into this one of a kind Restro Bar and Art Gallery. The passage to Phat Khat is a bright store load up with relics and gifts. Which prompts a patio that houses Phat Khat upstairs.

What once began as an unassuming hotel business in the Annapurna circuit is currently a full-time business drawing in outside. Just as a household swarm in the core of traveler center point, Thamel. What’s progressively interesting about it is that each furnishings and stylistic theme is hand-pick . Imaginatively accomplished by the utilization of reused wood. Numerous individuals are entrance by the name Phat Khat which as indicate by the proprietor. It is from two Nepali words, ‘Phat’ a Nepali slang and ‘Kath’, a Nepali word for wood. Because of its ubiquity among its clients, they are in procedure of opening another branch . Here in Kathmandu alongside creating Phat Khat inn in Pokhara.

phat kath

When you enter Phat Khat, it won’t take you long to feel loose and let go of everything and settle down in the craftsmanship of Phat Khat. The comfortable and agreeable vibe will constrain you to relinquish each unpleasant thing that is disturbing you. You can simply cool off and entertain yourself with the scrumptious food. That Phat Khat brings to the table or connect with yourself in the different table games that Phat Khat puts in plain view. You can even take a book to peruse and simply appreciate some espresso. That the barista at Phat Khat brings to the table. Phat Khat has that laid-back condition went with great music where you can go through hours un-hindered and have your work done in harmony.

phat kath

Phat Khat has four unique parlors for you to attempt. The stylistic theme is quietly to give liveliness to the spot. You probably won’t get a top notch food experience here, yet it’s a perfect spot to spend time with your companions making the most of their blend of awesome tunes and snatch a glass of chilled lager.

phat kath

The house uncommon Phat Burger is an encounter that will take you back consistently. It’s a messy, delightful scarcely held together piece of hot substantial tastiness with meat, bacon, cheddar, egg, lettuce, tomato, with a side of crunchy fries. It’s a finished supper that leaves your stomach and heart content. Some chomp of flavorful cheddar balls goes down consummately with it. You can likewise appreciate a plate of their delectable steak (chicken, fish or meat) alongside a side dish of pureed potatoes and bubbled vegetables. On the off chance that it is your first time, evaluating their crepes and galettes is an absolute necessity.

  • Address: Kaldhara Marg, Kathmandu 44600
  • Contact: +9779816696571
  • Rating:


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