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Pharchamo Peak Climb

Abhishek Subedi June 21, 2020

Pharchamo Peak Climb is the adventurous activity that lets you enjoy the feeling of summiting the peak of Pharchamo. The peak lies at the altitude of 6273 metres above sea level. It lies south of the Tashi Lapcha and, when seen from the past the mountain is really attractive. It is a straightforward snow peak first climbed in 1955 along a well defined north-by-northwest ridge rising from a relatively flat, but crevassed, glacier that is still the main route to the summit. The Rolwaling valley is the main access to Pharchamo. You will climb north-east of the ice fall of Tashi Lapcha, setting up a high camp just below rock walls at 5,500m. From this camp you gain the ridge of Pharchamo, following it without much difficulty – but watching for crevasses which can cause problems near the summit.   

Pharchamo Peak Climb

The approach trek to Pharchamo in the Rolwaling Himal leads through a region which has remained untouched by western civilization and groups of trekkers are not often seen, even in the peak trekking seasons. The scenery is outstanding, the route leads along beautiful river valleys before emerging in high alpine country and there are excellent views of Gaurisankar, Melungtse and many other great peaks. Crossing the Tashi Laptcha pass is a really adventurous job.  Seen from the past the mountain is an attractive but straightforward snow peak with a well defined north by northwest ridge rising from the relatively flat, crevasses glacier astride the Tesi Lapcha. The peak, which lies south of the Tesi Lapcha, is unnamed on the Schneider Rolwaling Himal map, but is given a spot height of 6273 metres. To the west of the ridge the face forms a uniform snow slope broken by crevasses and small Sera rising from the rocky lower buttresses above the Drolambau Glacier.

Day 1 Drive From Kathmandu to Dolakha

Your journey starts with a ride from Kathmandu valley to Dolakha. It will be about an 8 hour drive through river valleys, terraced farmlands, landscapes and villages.

Day 2 Dolakha to Shigati

You will start the trek today’s from Dolakha and towards Shigati via Piguti. It takes about four hours. The trail goes across different villages. You need to cross many streams and jungles in this trail. You come to see many orchids, rhododendrons and other vegetation.

Day 3 Shigati to Jagat

Then head towards Jagat and it takes about seven hours from Shigati. You go down to the river side and flat land. On the way, you come to notice many small villages inhabited by the mixed community. On the trail, you have to cross the jungles several times. You will also have to cross the suspension bridge to reach Jagat. It is a small town and people from different cultural backgrounds live here. 

Day 4 Jagat to Simigaon

You will go to Simigaon from Jagat. It takes almost seven and half hours. As we proceed forward, we follow the flat path and it ascends and descends through the thick jungle. You cross the suspension bridges several times. You also come across many villages on the trail. Small tea shops and local shops are available on the trail. Then, ascend up to Simigaon and this small village is inhabited by the Buddhist and Hindus.

Pharchamo Peak Climb

Day 5 Simigaon to Daldung La

It takes approximately six hours to reach Daldung La from Simigaon. You come across the beautiful Sherpa village on the trail. This trail is rich in different species of flora and fauna. After this uphill trek, you follow an ascending and descending path. At the same time, you enjoy the splendid view of the surrounding. You will witness the Yak Naka, a temporary Yak shed, if it happens in the season. Basically, cheese and butter is produced here. 

Day 6 Daldung La to Beding

Daldung La trek towards Beding slowly goes up through the different species of plants and rhododendron trees. You will trek over the suspension bridge over the deep gorge. It makes the trek more delightful. Finally we arrive at a big Sherpa village, Beding. 

Day 7 Beding to Na

Trek towards Na and its four hours trek. You can explore the upper slopes of the valley for snow today. You can also visit the nearby glacier too. The trek goes up along the river bank. This place is very open and it offers fresh air and charming sound. As the trek proceeds forward, you come across the panoramic view of the mountains. In addition, we also come across the Sherpa village and explore their specialties. 

Day 8 Na to Tso Rolpa Lake

From Na, the trek further goes to Rolpa Lake. The trail goes through the flat path and gradually climbs up. You come across many natural lakes filled with the scary water of glaciers on the trail. The beautiful view of Menlung and Tibetan Side Mountain adds more glory in the trek. 

Pharchamo Peak Climb

Day 9 Tso Rolpa to Trakarding Glacier

You will start your trek towards Trakarding glacier. The travelers will pass the glaciers throughout the day and explore the beauty of the surrounding. 

Day 10 Trakarding Glacier to Tashi Lapcha Phedi

From Trakarding glacier, you further trek towards Tashi Lapcha Pedi camp. It is situated at an altitude of 5755m. The trail involves some rock climbing and then you will have to walk gradually on the glaciers. You will set up your camp at Tashi Lapcha Pedi camp.

Day 11 Tashi Lapcha Phedi to Pharchamo Base Camp via Tashi Lapcha Pass

You will climb up the Tashi Lapcha Pedi and to Tashi Lapcha high camp through the Tashi Lapcha Pass. The trial will completely be over the snow straight up and then steep down towards high camp.  Trek from Tashi Lapcha Pedi to Tashi Lapcha pass is very exciting. 

Day 12 Summit Pharchamo Peak

From the high camp a well acclimatized party will take 4 – 5 hours to the central summit of Parchamo peak. From the summit can be seen the magnificent views around the many mountains. You then retrace your steps to Pharchamo base camp.

Day 13 Base Camp to Ngole

Trekking from Pharchamo base camp to Ngole, takes about 5 to 6 hrs through. The trail goes down towards the Thame. 

Day 14 Ngole to Thame

You will  start trekking to Thame in the early morning. The trail ascends up and follows the easy trek afterwards. You enjoy the beauty of the surrounding environment.

Day 15 Thame to Namche Bazaar

As you go further Thame to Namche Bazaar, the trail ascends for an hour up to Sanasa which is at an altitude of 3550m. At this point, you get your first glimpse of the peaks of the Khumbu region such as Mt Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, Thamserku and Kusum Kangaru. After passing several villages and numerous tea shops, the trail further descends steep towards the bridge over the Dudhkoshi River at Phunki Tenga. You feel very exhausted due to the rough path; the trek still offers numerous other attractions such as the chirping sound of the birds and scenery mountain views. 

Pharchamo Peak Climb

This makes your trek more exciting. You come to notice several villages and tea shops in the trail. The trail ascends up and you arrive at Sanasa where you find local people selling Tibetan goods. The way further goes to Namche bazaar and this path involves lots of ups and downs. While walking in the trail, the thick forest, scenery and mountain views arrest your attention right away.

Day 16 Namche Bazaar to Lukla

This trekking trail follows a sandy path with strenuous walk. The trail is full of views of landscape and some mountain scenarios. The trekkers can explore Lukla bazaar and local shops. You can also celebrate your successful trekking with special brands of drinks.

Day 17 Fly from Lukla to Kathmandu Valley

Fly from Lukla Airport to Kathmandu Airport and enjoy the panoramic views of snowy mountains from the window of the plane. 


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