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Anisha Rauniyar May 12, 2020

My first vist to Pattale was so unexpected. I visited solukhumbhu about four years ago . having the most chance I didnt have a knowledge to visit Pattale . I guess this is what called the right time takes you t the right place . So this year I was there at the best time .

Pattale gives the wonderful view of The top Mountain of the world . It is more like a one time experience in my life . Mt. everst was just right infront of eye. The atmosphere was heavenly gifted. Anyone visiting solukhumbhu should visit Pattale according my best opinion.Pattale is the spot for person who cant trek the Pikey danda.


Pattale is a contract that borders Okhaldhunga and Solukhumbu in Solu Dudhkunda Municipality. It situates at an altitude of 2,800m from the sea level. The hills is full of red Rhododendron flowers. The white at some stage in the winter, due to some snowfall. With the increasing number of tourist. Pattlae is planning to develop some other places to be visted. Pattale opened its doors to visitors after the Okhaldhunga to Solukhumbu street was once blacktopped.Sheep left to graze by shepherds in the woodland surrounding Pattale.

In October and November, Pattale performed host to two famous ultra trail race competitions. Everest Trail Race, which has a 170km long racing route, and the 310km Solukhumbu Trail Race, which many declare is the longest extremely path race in the world. Locals and tourism entrepreneurs assume this will imply a upward shove in the quantity of guests. In term of beauty it is more like switzerland .

Pattale is the fantastic and nearest vacation spot to go for Everest sight-seeing from the Capital. It’s also the most affordable. One can just take a bus from Koteshwore in Kathmandu and tour about 220km distance for about eight hours to attain Okhaldhunga’s district headquarters. Pattale lies about 25 kilometres from Okhaldhunga. One can take a jeep from here on the grounds that the avenue is muddy. It gives that the area receives very cold in the course of winter, so one is advocated to take warm garments along.

  • Highest Elevation: 2873m
  • Lowest Elevation: 2846m


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