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Corona Update Nepal

Patan Hospital

Abhishek Subedi May 22, 2020

Patan hospital is one of the largest and oldest hospitals in Nepal. It was opened in 1982.  It is located in the Lagankhel city of the Lalitpur district. Patan hospital has its own identity among the large govermental and non-governmental hospitals in Nepal.  At first the United Mission to Nepal (UMN) founded Shanta  Bhawan  Hospital in 1956 to serve the underprivileged people of Nepal and in 1982, this hospital  merged with the Lalitpur hospital to form Patan hospital. The hospital is still managed and run by the fund provided by the International Christian Organization UMN. At first the hospital was perceived more as the neighbourhood hospital but over the years it has become one of the busiest hospitals providing treatment and care to the people from all over the Nation.

patan hospital

The hospital is known for compassionate care, the high values and it is  trusted by the both rich and poor people of the nation. The hospital has been providing both the medical and surgical care to the people from its establishment. Patan hospital has continued making progress and achievements in the path of the healthcare system of Nepal.  It is the most trusted hospital in Nation by the people. The hospital had 320  beds before and now it has 450 beds after the completion of the gynaecology ward. The hospital is mostly renowned for the treatment of the Gastro-intestinal problems and the enteric fever. Patan hospital also runs mobile clinics in the different rural parts of the country. The government has also declared one of the hospitals for testing and treating the COVID 19 patients. It is also the teaching hospital for the medical institute, Patan Academy of Health Sciences. Hospitals use modern equipment for the treatment of outpatients and inpatients every year. There are about 320000 outpatients and 20000 inpatients coming for the treatment every year. The services provided in the hospital are  24 hour emergency service, inpatient medical and surical care, obstetrics and gynecology,  paediatrics, Birthing centers, outpatient services,  dermatology, emergency medicine services, ENT( eye, nose and throat), Intensive Care Unit(ICU), private clinics, clinical laboratory,  imaging and radiology services, same day surgery and community outreach programs.

 We can get there from the public transportation as well as the ambulance of the hospital.


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