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Passes Around Kanchenjunga Trek

Abhishek Subedi August 9, 2020

The Kanchenjunga trek is a journey for the trekker with a sense of adventure, a desire to explore trails less traveled, and the determination and conditioning to tackle the challenges of a physically demanding route through one of Nepal’s most remote regions.   During the Kanchenjunga trek, you will notice the sparse population scattered throughout the mountains is made up of the warm-hearted Rai and Limbu people, with a culture that traces back to Tibetan origins and a unique belief system based on an amalgamation of Buddhist, Hindu and animist principles. Starting with a flight or drive to Bhadrapur/Suketar, the trek climbs through the scenic and cultivated foothills into the great mountain stronghold of peaks such as Rathong, Kumbhakarna, Jannu, and of course Kanchenjunga, offering some of the Himalaya’s most awe-inspiring and majestic scenery en route to South Base Camp (5143m). 

Passes Around Kanchenjunga Trek

About the Trek

Until recently the trek was only possible through the considerable effort of carrying in all the necessities of life such as food and camping equipment, but with the advent of tea houses along the trail in response to its growing popularity, the logistics of the exercise have become considerably easier. Kanchenjunga trek is also one of the most scenic trekking routes in the country. The journey allows you to explore eastern Nepal, which is home to some of the amazing places in the country. Even before the trekking trip starts you visit a lot of interesting settlement areas. Here, you will see man and nature coexisting in harmony. One of the best ways to understand about their way of life is to communicate with them, and spend a couple of days with them. On the trek, you will also come across numerous religious heritages, both temples and gompas. 

Altogether, the journey is the amalgamation of various natural, social and religious spectacles which the trekkers tend to adore. The journey impacts their memories greatly.

About the Passes

Every trekking journey has a mellowed down attraction, and an adventurous one. While exploring the former ones isn’t much difficult, the latter one is quite challenging. One of such challenging attractions happens to be passed. Now, no matter which part of Nepal you’re trekking in, you’re bound to come across passes. Passes are these high altitude areas that separate two regions or valleys. Crossing a pass is like climbing and descending a peak. You go up at the beginning, reach the pass to the top, and then descend down. The passes in Nepal are generally located on high altitudes.

Most of them cross the height of 4500 m. What is so challenging about crossing passes is that generally they are full of snow, and the weather around them is unstable, mainly due to the height. It is recommended that most passes be crossed during the right season. Many people have gotten badly hurt or have even perished in terms of crossing a pass during extreme weather. The passes in the Kanchenjunga region make Kanchenjunga trek one of the most adventurous ones out there. If you’re looking to go on an adventurous trekking journey, well, Kanchenjunga trek can prove to be the ideal option for you. 

1. Lumba Sumba Pass

Lumba Sumba Pass is one of the most exciting passes to cross in the entire country. It’s scenic, challenging, and the camp on it offers the most amazing views of the mountains in the region, including that of Everest, Makalu, Barun and Kanchenjunga. Lumba Sumba Pass is a natural spectacle without a doubt, and the main attraction of Lumba Sumba Pass trek. The pass is situated  neither in the Kanchenjunga region nor in the Makalu region. As a matter of fact, it connects both the regions. The pass is situated at an elevation of 4748 m, and the trekkers get to cross it while going from Upper Langmale to Chauri Kharka. Lumba Sumba Pass trek is definitely one of the most challenging treks in Nepal. There are so many factors that contribute to making it tough, and one of the most significant ones is definitely the Lumba Sumba Pass.

Lumba Sumba Pass

2. Lapsang La Pass

Lapsang La Pass is yet another significant mountain pass that is situated in the Kanchenjunga region. You get to cross this pass on the Kanchenjunga North Base Camp trek. If you’re looking to explore the Lapsang La Pass, you need to take a small detour from the main base camp trek route. Kanchenjunga North Base Camp Trek is one of the most challenging treks in the region, and this pass is one of the factors that make it challenging. Lapsang La is situated at an elevation of 5160 m. The trekkers are required to cross this pass while making their way from Kharka to Lapsang and then to Octang. As a trekker, you could choose to avoid this pass, since it lies on an alternative route. However, it is a great way to make your trek more exciting.

3. Nango La Pass

Nango La Pass is yet another one that you cross while trekking on the Lumba Sumba Pass trek. It is situated at an elevation of 4776 m, and you cross it while making your way from Ghunsa to Olangchung Gola. This is the pass that the trekker needs to cross immediately before Lumba Sumba Pass. Nango La is definitely one of the toughest features of the Lumba Sumba pass trek. It marks the exit from the Kanchenjunga trek route and entry into the Makalu trek route. Definitely, it’s one of the most spectacular attractions in the entire Kanchenjunga region. 

Nango La Pass

4. Mirgin La Pass

Mirgin La pass is an essential pass in the Kanchenjunga trek route. It’s impossible to make it through the journey without crossing this natural spectacle. Quite like other passes in the region, it contributes to making Kanchenjunga trek both exciting and adventurous. Mirgin La Pass is situated at an elevation of 4645 m. The trekkers tend to cross this pass while making their way from Ramche to Ghunsa. Mirgin La is an example of a challenging aspect of wilderness. If you’re someone who’s looking to explore wilderness in its true form, you should definitely try Kanchenjunga trek. Provided that you believe in old school trekking, you will love this one. 

5. Sele La Pass

Sele La Pass is one of the most significant passes in the Kanchenjunga region, if not the entire country. It is crucial to cross Chele La Pass especially for the individuals who are looking to cover the entire Kanchenjunga region in one go. Generally, the trekkers tend to finish the Kanchenjunga North Base Camp trek route first, and then, they go on to the Kanchenjunga South Base Camp trek route to cover it.

Sele La Pass

Now, there is a small route that connects these two base camp trek routes, and it is while walking on this path that they need to cross the Sele La Pass. It is situated at an elevation of 4290 m, at a small distance from Sele La Camp. The path and the pass connect Tseram of the former trekking route and Ramche of the latter one. This natural spectacle is one of the features that make the journey both exciting and challenging.


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