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Pashmina Product

Subash Shrestha February 22, 2020

Pashmina product is known for their softest, warmest and fluffy fibre, it is one of the most exported products of Nepal. Pashmina, a natural soft fur, is a type of cashmere. The name Pashmina is derived from Persian which means “made from wool”. Since this fibre was first encountered in Kashmir, European recognize it as “Cashmere”. And the eastern people prefer to say “Pashmina”. Pashmina is made from Chyangra’s (a mountain goat) wool. The wool from neck and underbelly of Chyangra is spun on a spinning wheel, locally. It is known as Charka and is waved to make them Pashmina. Pashmina accessories includes shawl, puncho, blanket, sweater, scarf, cap, pullover and so on.

pashmina product

Durability, softness, comfort, warmth and fineness are the features of pashmina products. In ancient period, Pashmina product were worn by royal and elite family. Thus, “Fiber for Royals and Emperors only” were called to them. In the world Nepal is famous for these hand weaven pashmina goods. It has been a part of local clothing in Nepal. Kathmandu is the main center for the pashmina business. Those who come to visit Nepal take Pashmina as a souvenir and this market is flourishing well.

If you visit nepal and wanted to buy the cashmere product. Then you can roam around the market of Thamel. There are hundreds of shops with these good products. You can have lots of option during the purschase too.

Location: Thamel, Kathmandu,Nepal.


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