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Corona Update Nepal


Subash Shrestha May 30, 2020

Parbat district is located in the western development region of Nepal. It covers an area of 494 sq.km. and is a part of Gandaki province. This place lies at 28o00’19’ N to 28o23’ 59’’ N latitude and 93o33’40’’ E to 83o49’30’’ E longitude and is also the fourth smallest district of Nepal. The headquarters of the district is in Kushma and shares its border area with Kaski, Syangja, Baglung and Myagdi. There are many major attractions like Kusma suspension bridge, Kusma bazar, Gupteshwor cave, Dahare Deurali Temple with two hydro-power projects running. Kali gandaki river running in the western border is famous for rafting.



This beautiful district is diversified geographically extending from 28o00’19’’ N to 28o23’59’’ N latitude and 83o33’40’’ E to 83o49’30’’ E longitude. The climate zone includes upper tropical, subtropical, temperature and subalpine in between the elevation ranging from 300m to 3000m where rocky hills surround the place.


Parbat district consists the population count of 146590 as per the record of census 2011 Nepal and among the population, 91.6% people speak Nepali language as their first. With 4.1%, 3.0% Gurung and 0.6% of Newars using their first language.


Having 2 municipalities and 5 rural municipalities there are 7 municipalities in Parbat district.

Kushma Municipality

Phalewas Municipality

Jaljala Rural Municipality

Paiyuh Rural Municipality

Mahashila Rural Municipality

Modi Rural Municipality

Bihadi Rural Municipality

Before Parbat district was of 55 VDCs which later got into 2 municipalities and 5 rural municipalities.



The headquarter of Parbat district is about  261.2 km away from Kathmandu, 57 km from Pokhara and 12 km from Baglung where this place used to be an important stop for travelers on their way to Palpa, Butwal and Pokhara. Travelers, business catering started to Spring up resulting in establishment of a small market. With many settlers arriving in Kushma, later declared as the headquarter of Parbat. Similarly, it is believed that this place had its name derived from the Sanskrit word “Kusum” which means flower where a sage on his way to Muktinath saw this land covered with varieties of flowers and was called Kusum. But in a course of time, Kusum was changed to Kushma.


Banau VDC

As a VDC in Parbat district, Banau VDC exports potato products to its neighbouring village- Baglung, Myagdi and throughout the Parbat district. With a view of the Tricity of Baglung, Beni and Kushma, it is home to many undiscovered caves and medicinal herbs. Unlike the surrounding villages, the culture is somewhat distinct with many INGOs and NGOs working for development and improvement. Where young people are involving in modernizing villages through computer teaching. Mostly inhabited by Pun Magars.

banau vdc


Suspension Bridges In Kushma

 suspension bridges in kushma

The major attraction of Parbat district is the suspension bridge in Kushma. This place is one of the best destination for travelers and with many bridges, is also known as the city of the bridges of Nepal. There are many bridges high above and long enough that will add more thrilling experience.

Kushma-Gyandi Bridge:

Established in 2067 B.S. of 344 m long and 135 m high above Modi Khola.

Kushma-Kaiya Bridge:

Established in 2070 B.S. , 347 m long and 156 m high above the Kali Gandaki river this bridge was

Kushma-Mudikawa Bridge:

It was established in 2073 B.S and is 359 m long and 155.7 m high above Modi khola.

Khusma-Balewa Yantrik Bridge:

In 2069 B.S above Kali Gandaki river 560 m long, 284 m high.

Kushma-Adhikari Phant Bridge:

It is 359 m long and is above Modi khola.

Kushma-Adhikari Phant Bridge:

Established in 2075 B.S, 525 m long and 228 m high hungover Kali Gandaki river. ( Bungee spot under operations.)

Kushma-Adhikari Phant Bridge:

This bridge was established in 2075 B.S, is 525 m long and 228 m high hungover Kali Gandaki river. ( Bungee spot under operations.)

Dahare Lek

People also recognize this place as Nilkatha Parbat and there’s mountain shape-like funnel hole in it. We can hear the sound of a coin descend to the very bottom as a coin drops from the hole in the mountain.

Dahare Deurali Temple

dahare deurali temple

Huge number of devotees visit this temple on the occasion of Bala Chaturdashi.

Gupteshwor Cave, Parbat

gupteshwor cave

This cave is located at an altitude of 1294 m high above sea level and is one of the longest caves of Nepal. The cave is enriched with a waterfall and presence of bats inside it with numerous images of Hindu gods. This cave is often crowded during Chaite Dashain and Shivaratri and is also believed as the place in ancient time where Lord Krishna met Jambawann (The Bear).


modi beni

 This place is popular for Narsingh Temple, fish dishes from Modi and Malayangdi river. Modibeni is the confluence of two rivers Kali Gandaki and Modi river (Beni). People believe that it tasted as Madhu (honey in Sanskrit) and so it was named as Madhu Beni but changed to Modi Beni later on.

Kushma Balewa Cable Car

kushma balewa cable car

Connecting the Balewa airport from Kushma city, the cable car offers a wonderful view over the Kali Gandaki river.

Falame Danda (Iron Hill)

This is located in the Jaljala Rural Municipal, northwest part of the Parbat district is famous as it is a beautiful hill station. The hill offers an exciting vibes with the panoramic view of mountain ranges, landscapes and full of natural beauty. Thus, a gateway to Poonhill, Ghorepani and Nangi Village trek.


Bungee Jump in Kushma

 bungee jump

 For the adventure seeker, 228 m high and of 520 m long suspension bridge above Kali Gandaki river, it’s great news as the second highest bungee spot in the world is in operation in this place (Kusma, Parbat). Offering an elite adventure experience in the foothills of Himalayan beauty.



An exciting, bone chilling experience for adventure enthusiasts, rafting in Kali Gandaki river starting from Maldhunga Parbat.


You can get a bus from Kathmandu to Baglung and a local bus to Parbat which is around 266.7 km around 7-8 hours drive via Prithvi Highway. Or you can hire a vehicle from Baglung to Parbat district after crossing Pokhara. There’s a direct route tourist bus to Kushma.

This place is almost everything that adventure enthusiasts dream for. From exploring the hills full of natural beauty and mountain range views to the world’s second highest spot in the world. Rafting in the Kali Gandaki river. This place is full of packages.

  • Population: 146590


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