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Palanchowk Bhagwati

Abhishek Subedi May 21, 2020

Palanchowk Bhagwati is a Hindu temple located at an altitude of about 1007 km from the sea level. It lies about 55 km to the north-east of the Kathmandu valley in the Sathighar Bhagwati rural development region. It is in the hills of the Panchkhal  from where we can observe the panoramic views of  the Kathmandu valley. The main shrine of the temple is built in Pagoda style with the gajur on top. The shrine contains the 3 feet high  scripture of the  Goddess Bhagwati carved in the shiny black stone. The temple is surrounded by the beautiful landscapes and at the northern site we can blessed ourselves with the views of snow capped ranges. The best time to visit this temple is on a sunny and clear day , so we can get the glimpse of the breathtaking view of the crystal clear Himalayan Range.

Palanchowk  Bhagwati

HISTORY of Palanchwok Bhagwati

The exact date of the construction of the temple is still unknown but it was built during the reign of the King Man Dev. The goddess is known to be the  calm, peaceful, loving and harmonious image of the Goddess Durga showering her blessings to the devotees. The goddess is known to be the one of the sister among  the four Goddesses in Nepal( Kalinchwowk Bhagwati Dolkha, Palanchowk Bhagwati Kavre, Shova Bhagwati Kathmandu , Naxal Bhagwati, Kathmandu). She is also a famous goddess with 18 hands. The goddess is the peaceful image of the Goddess Durga without the impact of the Rudra or Himsa. The head of the goddess is tilted due to the after effect of the 1990’s earthquake in Nepal according to the Bikram sambat calendar.


The temple is well connected to the main highway of our country. Both the Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims visit this temple. The temple is usually packed with the pilgrims on the occasion of Dashain festival and especially on every Tuesdays and Saturdays of the week. The devotees sacrifice animals as the offer to the Goddess to fulfil their wish.

This holy and sacred place is the true definition of both arts, culture and natural beauty. We can run away from our hectic life and enjoy ourselves with the majestic views of the crystal clear mountain ranges. We can get there from the public transportations that are available at the new stop of the Kathmandu or for those who are fond of exercises and adventures can hike from the Panchkhal.

  • Highest Elevation: 2111m


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