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Old Bazar

Anisha Rauniyar May 23, 2020

I got some information about obscure spots I could visit in the region in my astonishing lodging in Pokhara, and the assistant prompted me to investigate the old Bazar, otherwise called (Purana) old Bazaar and Bindhyabasini Sanctuary situated close to bazaar.

I enjoyed that thought, in light of the fact that a large portion of the travelers who visit Pokhara remain just on the lakeside and scarcely anybody investigate other non-touristic parts of Pokhara.

Purano Pokhara old bazar is situated around 4 km north of Lakeside. I chose to go there by neighborhood transport. When I got off the transport I adored this spot.

old bazar

On the tired old roads are houses worked in Newar design utilizing red block, which are like those in Kathmandu. There are basically no vehicles in the city. Occupants are standing or sitting before houses, some sell products, while others just talk with neighbors and everything is by all accounts shut. One feels as though time has halted here.

In the seventeenth century Pokhara was minor exchanging course connecting to Tibet. After the Malla lords completed a street connecting the town with the Kathmandu Valley, Newar brokers from the valley set up in Pokhara and bring here Newari style of engineering and plan. 300 years back was this territory of Pokhara, which is situated among Tibet and Kathmandu the primary exchanging and business zone.

Be that as it may, presently things change. The merchants have since a long time ago gone. The vast majority of the business segment moved south to the principle. The couple of outstanding brokers have minimal opportunity to sell something and the exchanging houses became homes with condos. Unfortunately, government crushed the old structures and fabricated new homes rather and during most recent 50 years the vast majority of the notable bazaar was no more.

I gradually strolled through this obscure however socially rich piece of Pokhara and appreciated the genuine Nepalese climate that you can’t discover today on lakeside among several inns, eateries and shops.

I approached nearby individuals for course to the Bindhyabasini Sanctuary, which I had additionally intended to visit. Of course, eagerly and with a grin on their appearances demonstrated me the way. I strolled to the door before which woman who sold some stuff sleep.

The sanctuary is arranged on a slope, so I went up the steps to the top. Bindhyabasini Sanctuary is committed to goddess Bhagwati, another appearance of Shakti. Particularly on Saturdays, admirers come here to perform penances.

I sat at where it was a pleasant perspective on the obscure parts Pokhara and the contiguous mountains and I rested. Later out yonder I perceived how overwhelming mists coming to me, so I went down to the road and got the transport that took me to Lakeside.


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