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Nepali New Year

Abhishek Subedi May 21, 2020

Nepali New Year or Nava Barsha is the great occasion and public holiday celebrated throughout the whole nation. It is always celebrated on the 1st of  Baisakh which is the 1st month in the Bikram Sambat calendar. According to the Gregorian calendar it falls in the middle of April. Usually the Bisket Jatra embarks at the start of the Nepali New Year. Like many other cultures and religion celebrates their New Year, we Nepalese also celebrate our New Year with great joys and happiness. On this day people visit temples and monasteries to pray for the upcoming days and good health.

nepali new year

HISTORY of Nepali New Year

Nepal is believed to be the ancient country where Lord Buddha was born. According to the history Nepalese date starts from the 57 BC to the running year now 2077 BS. The New Year began from the month of Baisakh. According to the Hindu myths and puranas the New Year is on Baisakh 1 from the day when Lord Brahma created the Universe. The Nepali calendar is named after the King Vikramaditya who declared every citizen of the country debt free. The Hindu kings who have ruled our country preferred this calendar because it was directly related to the famous Hindu King Vikramaditya and it represents different uniqueness to our country in the rest of the world. 


Nepalese people celebrate New Year by cleaning their houses, wearing new clothes and arranging the gatherings between the relatives and family members. People worship the first sun of the year or there is the crowd of the people in the places where they can observe the first sunrise of the year. The restaurants, hotels, picnic spots and public places are usually crowded with the people celebrating New Year with their friends and families on this day. Musical concerts and cultural festivals are organized by the different communities in different parts of the nation. People also begin the start of the New Year with new resolutions and plans on their mind. It is believed that if we start something in the New Year we have to keep on doing it for a whole year to achieve a good result.

  • Event Date: 14/04/2020
  • Event Place: Country Wide


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