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Naxal Bhagwati

Anisha Rauniyar June 11, 2020

Situated at the focal point of the Naxal township in the region of Pashupatinath, Dillibazar and the Narayanhiti historical center, sits the sanctuary of Naxal Bhagwati. Sited at a crossing point, the sanctuary stands erect and unmistakable in spite of the infringement of close by shops, solid structures and occupied traffic. It never neglects to draw aficionados who continue moving all through the sanctuary throughout the day. The highlights of Naxal Bhagwati are amazingly equivalent to other ‘Devi’ (goddess) sanctuaries—its three layered rooftop, two of which are copper plated, and carvings of different divinities encompassing the sanctuary.

The historical backdrop of Naxal Bhagwati goes back numerous hundreds of years to the year 1050 of the Kaligat Sambat, when Bikram Kesari was the ruler of Nepal and his significant other Navasagar took care of the nation’s organization. The sovereign was incredibly intrigued with a terrific icon introduced by one of her subjects. She established the sanctuary and named the icon after herself: Navasagar Bhagwati. It is accepted that the ministers and spiritualists of the time had established a strong framework of the sanctuary through tantric ceremonies and mantras in order to enable the goddess. The expectation of the clerics was to satisfy a conviction that any custom acted in the sanctuary with careful technique or bidhi would be cultivated.

naxal bhagwati

Bit by bit, the intensity of the goddess expanded to such statures that her object of worship started to exude solid radiations that were considered calamitous. In 665 BS (607 AD), King Shankherdev set the icon inside the sanctuary and secured it. At that point he set up another sculpture imitating the first one and started a chariot parade or jatra upon the arrival of Preta (chaturdashi, the fourteenth day of the lunar fortnight) to celebrate the function. It is as yet praised each year by the name of Khat Jatra on Preta Chaturdarshi and goes on for three days.

The Naxal Bhagwati is viewed as one of the nine signs of the goddess Durga and is accepted to have been made by a similar craftsman who developed the icons of Palanchowk Bhagwati, Shobha Bhagwati and Nala Bhagwati. As a shakti peeth, truly a position of love of the goddess ‘Shakti’, aficionados multitude to the sanctuary during Dasain, particularly on ‘Asthami’ (the eighth day of Dasain). A water wild ox sent by the Singha Durbar (the Nepalese Parliament) is yielded there on ‘Nawami’, the ninth day of Dasain.


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