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Abhishek Subedi May 21, 2020

Naudhara also known as the nine stone taps is located  in the Godawari municipality of the Lalitpur district. It lies in the south-east about  14 Km of the Kathmandu valley. Naudhara is on the base of the Phulchowki hill, the tallest peak of the valley. It is located inside Godawari Village Community where there are many cool weather attractions . It is one of the famous spot for the people of the Kathmandu valley to cool the summer heat with the refreshing water and the natural beauty. The main attractions around Naudhara are Godawari Kunda, Gauri Kunda, Lav Kunda and Bhairab temple.


HISTORY of Naudhara

It is the man made stone tap during the Rana regime. Juddha Shamsher, the former prime minister of Nepal during Rana period commissioned the construction of Naudhara for the purpose of his own relaxation and to escape the summer heat. The Rana families have also built houses and mansions around the locations, many of which are still there. The water from the tap comes from the hill of Phulchowki. There is no any religious and cultural belief attached to the Naudhara as it was made to facilitate the life of the people during the Rana regime.


There are nine stone taps  running next to each other. There is unlimited flow of water throughout the year but the flow of water changes according to the seasons. The water flow fast during the month of June to August whereas the flow of water is slow during the winter season. As it is on the lap of the Phulchowki hill, the site is bestowed  with a quiet and peaceful environment. The temple of the God Bhairab is just at the front side of the taps built in the Pagoda style. The site is surrounded by paati (resting area).  We can also hike from this site to the Godawari Kunda or to the Phulchowki hill. It is mostly crowded during the Nepali new year.

It is the best escape to the peace and quiet environment with the beautiful landscapes and the cool attractions. We can beat our summer heat with the cool and refreshing water flowing from the taps and ease our stressed mind with the beautiful environment. We can get there from the public transportation that runs around the ring road or from the Lagankhel Bus stop. To reach there we have to walk for around 20 minutes from the Godawari bus stop.

  • Highest Elevation: 1578m


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