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Nara Devi

Anisha Rauniyar June 10, 2020

Probably the best case of Newari design history, Nara Devi sanctuary in Kathmandu is a three celebrated Pagoda style sanctuary that draws in a huge number of guests every day. Nara Devi additionally composed as Naradevi, is made out of two terms, ‘Nara’ signifying ‘human’ and ‘Devi’ signifying ‘goddess’, thus, Nara Devi implies the ‘goddess of individual’. What’s more, the individuals of Newar people group call the goddess by the name Ajima, which means mother.

It is said that human penances were done in this sanctuary in past period, in any case, it is just talk spread by Anti-Hindu and Anti-Vedic components. Local people living in the close by places make a point to visit the sanctuary routinely.

The sanctuary is worked by the Ying rule or the rule of female vitality. It is said that by revering here, individuals get power, fearlessness, spirits, and so forth. The rooftop and the dividers of the sanctuary are cut with the pictures of different Hindu divine beings and goddesses. The sanctuary is packed with the aficionados during the hour of Navaratri (Nauratha) and Dashain. The sanctuary holds extraordinary force which is accepted to be felt by the individuals entering the sanctuary.

The sanctuary as well as the sculpture of the goddess inside it is a delightful bit of Newari design. It is a direct result of these networks that the Kathmandu valley is known as the city of sanctuary. On account of the nearness of the sanctuary, the spot itself is called Nara Devi. She is additionally considered as Kula Devi (familial god) of a portion of the Newar people group. Local people put stock in the intensity of the goddess and state that the goddess has shielded them from different calamities. The goddess shields human from shortcoming, trouble, and so forth. It is additionally said that she goes to the fantasies of her fans and inform them concerning up and coming risks, issues, and so on. She is additionally considered as the defender of the Kathmandu valley.

Nara Devi

Every Hindu sanctuary has extraordinary concealed strict and tantric insider facts which is the reason these sanctuaries are called Shakti Peethas that signifies ‘wellspring of vitality’. Nara Devi sanctuary additionally has some mystery tantric centrality and in view of this explanation, different tantric ceremony and puja are directed on this sanctuary.

At the point when you happen to pass by the Chhetrapati zone, in the middle of Newroad and Thamel, make a point to enter and offer appreciation in the sanctuary of this ‘goddess of individual’.


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