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Naag Panchami

Anisha Rauniyar May 27, 2020

Naag Panchami is the celebration where snakes are venerated as incomparable gods. Naag Panchami begins with Naga Chaturthi which is trailed by Naga Panchami and Bother Shashti. The ladies from India venerate the day of Nagula Chavithi with respect to shower satisfaction in their kids’ lives. It is accepted that Nagula Chavithi gives security to kids. The celebration of Naga Panchami happens during Shukla Paksha during Sawan month. As the celebration of Naag Panchami is committed to snakes, it is accepted that Patal Lok is the residence or house of the snakes (Nagas). A portion of the local names of Naag Panchami Celebration are Bhratru Panchami, Bishari Puja, Naga Vardhini Panchami, and so on.

Naag panchami
Naag Pokhari during Naag Panchami

Legend has it that as indicated by the Mahabharata inferences, Janamejaya (child of Lord Pariksit, Kuru Tradition) was playing out a custom to look for retribution on the demise of his Dad, the custom is known as Sarpa Satra. This was on the grounds that Ruler Pariksit passed on from a snake nibble by the Lord of snakes, Taksaka. Along these lines, a ground-breaking chimney was made by various educated men that it pulled in every single snake into the fire. Shockingly, the primary objective, Taksaka got away from the attractive intensity of the Sarpa Satra and went into Indra’s reality. So as to draw in Taksaka into the Agni Kund, the rhythm of Mantra presentation was expanded.

This was so mystical and ground-breaking that even Indra couldn’t get away from it and went with Taksaka to the Agni Kund. Upon this, the Divine beings got stressed and argued Mansa Devi the goddess of Snakes to mediate and help. Followed by rehashed demands from the Divine beings, Mansa Devi sent her child Ashtika to the spot of occasion and he intrigued Janamejaya with his proficient character in spite of being reprimanded. Janamejaya got persuaded and halted Sarpa Satra saving the life of Indra, Taksaka and other snake orders. According to the Hindu schedule, this was the day of Navi Vardhini Panchami. Since the time Naag Panchami is seen as a tribute to the Nagas. Another legend is that while playing one day with different kids, Ruler Krishna stepped up to the plate and recover the ball which was snobby in a high tree. Since it was difficult to go to that region, Ruler Krishna needed to put himself over the Yamuna stream which was the home to the Snake Kaliya. Master Krishna slipped and fell into the waterway while climbing following a fight with Kaliya. Be that as it may, Ruler Krishna was not in a state of mind to surrender as he battled valiantly and overwhelmed Kaliya. Kaliya then understanding Master Krishna’s capacity implored him to release it. Master Krishna being the incomparable God as he seems to be, discharged Kaliya relying on the prerequisite that it would not badger anybody any longer. From that point forward, this occasion is additionally accepted to be another purpose behind the celebration of Naag Panchami.

Nag Panchami - We All Nepali
A poster of Naag

Naag Panchami is seen by fans through clearing the house back to front, adoring of snakes, Puja’s, heavenly contributions of food and reciting of mantras. A snake is created out of dairy animals excrement upon the arrival of Naag Panchami and set at the doorstep. Milk, Kusha grass, sandalwood, Akshat (heavenly grains of rice) are offered to the snake. The snake divinity is washed in milk, which is accepted to excuse your transgressions. Planning of unique food made with Sevai (vermicelli), rice things and laddoo. According to Skanda Purana proof, loving snakes of chamatkarpur will prompt the satisfaction of your desires.

How is Naag Panchami celebrated in Nepal

In this day, Nepali customarily post pictures of Bothers over the entryways of their homes to keep off malice spirits. They love the bother by offering an image of milk (the white shading fluid from the glue of rice). Individuals save milk for snakes close to wind gaps.

Individuals make cottons wreath, use dairy animals compost and rice flour’s snake’s from and love it with cow’s milk, magma, grain, sesame, nuts and with some different strict things. It is accepted that if Bother Panchami is watched appropriately consistently the Bothers give us great wellbeing riches and gift during our life. In the event that Bothers are irate they make us wiped out and no medication can recuperate.

Puran says the earth is lifted by Shesh Bother on his head. Ruler Vishnu is dozing on its loop inside the Sea.

Sacred writing clarifies that without Bothers’ assistance there will be no rain.So individuals adore Bothers for the reason for water, offer petitions to Bothers, and spot food things, for example, milk and nectar in their fields for Bothers.

Hardly any men wearing evil presence covers move in the boulevards as a piece of a Bother Panchami custom.

We have our own fantasies and legends encompassing Bothers, which lead us to observe Bother Panchami for a huge scope.

  • Event Date: 25/07/2020
  • Event Place: Country Wide


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