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Abhishek Subedi May 31, 2020

Myanglung is the beautiful town in the midst of the beautiful hills and mountains.  The city is located in the eastern part of the country. The total area of the city is about  100.21 square kilometre. The town has a total population of about 19659 people. It was established on May 18 of 2014. The town is the major tourist destination for domestic as well International visitors. A variety of people live in this town who are friendly, hospitable, hard working and honest.  But the majority of people here are of Magar ethnicity and are known as the ancient residents of the place. The town has many small cottage industries and attractions that have won the hearts of many tourists visiting here. Not only the attraction but also the polite and hospitable people here has a separate  place in the heart of the tourist.


Location Of Myanglung

Myanglung is the municipality and headquarter of the Terhathum district of Province no 1 in eastern Nepal. This town is situated at an elevation of 1500 metres above the sea level. It offers an excellent respite from the noise and stress of the city life.  The diverse landscape from terraced hillsides to the vast plains of the Terai plains are covered in rich green vegetation, a refreshing change from the concrete jungle of the city. 

History of Myanglung

Myanglung was annexed to the Unified Nepal by Prince Bahadur Shah in 1780s during the unification of Nepal. Earlier days it was the province of the Pallo Kiraat. The story behind the name of the city is popular in the area. Two porters who were on the way here stopped at the shade of a big banyan tree(chautari).  They sat there to cook something, but they were amazed when the cooking pot fell down from the fireplace after an unusual shaking. The sound was like” Myang lung” which they gave it to this place. In Limbu language Myang means cat and lung means stone and Myanglung was formed by the two Limbu language words. A historical temple is there which carries the story of the ancient chautari.

Formerly, Myanglung was the village development committee which was later converted into a Municipality by merging existing villages like Piple, Jirikhimti, Ambung, Sabla and Tamphula.The town is considered to be very rich in historical and natural heritages. Diverse caste, language and culture are the major characteristics of this place. Mythological folk cultures and traditions also exist here which is enough to capture the heart of the Domestic as well as international tourists. The deep valley, streams, lake and waterfall are the main attraction of this beautiful and captivating land. Haat bazaar is also another attraction here. It is conducted twice a week on the day of Tuesday and Friday where local people buy vegetables, crops and other things from the vendors. People from the surrounding villages as well as various parts of the district visit this place.

Economy of the Town

Agriculture is the main business of people outside the Myanglung whereas people of this municipality have different kinds of businesses.  The main business is the vegetable production of this place and selling them in the local market. The surrounding area of this town is also renown for the production of black cardamom and ginger. These productions are exported to the neighbouring country India by adua pakat office.

Infrastructure of the Town

The town is well connected to the roads and the few governmental and non-governmental banks are also there for the economic activities of the entire district.  The banks in the area also have Automated Teller Machines. There is the renowned small cottage industry here called Gharelu Dhaka Udhyog which produces textiles and is an important industry in Myanglung. The town also has other small industries such as Bakery, Bricks, Tea . It also has the community as well as private schools and education centres. The Tehrathum Campus of this town is one of the oldest campuses in Nepal established in the year 2017 BS.

Major Attractions of Myanglung 

Myanglung attracts many internal as well as external tourists throughout  the year. The town serves as the main tourist hub of the district.

1. Deurali Dada

Deurali dada is one of the beautiful and stunning places of this town. The tourists can enjoy the spectacular sunrise and sunset views. There are many varieties of rhododendron found in this hill. During the spring season the entire hill is covered in red blooms of rhododendron. The tourists have to walk from the market area to reach this place. It takes about one hour of hiking through the trails and woods to reach here. A lake is also situated at the bottom of the hill called Chichi lung. This lake adds extra beauty to the surrounding with its calm and serene nature.  Many tourists come here to enjoy the views of the Himalayas and the lake. 

2. Hyatrung waterfall

Hyatrung Waterfall is the highest or longest waterfall in Nepal and second highest in Asia. It is located in the Ishibu of the region. The waterfall has a height of about 365 metres. This is about a one day walk from the Myanglung Bazaar. This place has the greatest tourist potentials but due to the lack of facilities, it only has a few numbers of visitors. Many efforts are being made by the locals to encourage tourists in the area. But it is a perfect destination for hiking and trekking through the trails and deuralis.

3. Tea  garden

This tea garden is located in the Solma of the region. It lies on the western part of the District. This is the major area of tea production of the Myanglung region.  Visitors can roam around this aromatic tea garden and relax their tired mind, body and soul.

4. Myanglung Bazar

It is the main market area of the region where visitors can buy different gifts and souvenirs to bring back home. The market is the main place for the people of different generations to hang out and chat with each other. There is a big statue of a cat in front of the market which is a famous spot for tourists to take pictures.  The visitors can buy organic tea and cardamom which are the famous productions of this place.

Climate of The Town

The highest recorded temperature of the town is 28 degree Celsius during summer season and the lowest is about 15 degree Celsius in winter season. The region has the mainly two types of weather conditions: tropical savanna climate and moderate climate. The best time to visit this place is from February until April and September until November. This time you will have the pleasant or warm temperature and limited till mediocre rainfall. The weather and climate of this region is suitable for a sun vacation.

How can we get there

We can get there from the airways from Kathmandu airport to Bhadrapur airport and can take a 5 hour bus ride from there. Or we can take the direct bus ride from the different bus station from Kathmandu valley.


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