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Subash Shrestha May 25, 2020

Mt.Makalu is the fourth highest peak of Nepal and is the 5th highest peak in the world. It is 8463 m high above the sea level. This mountain lies in the eastern Himalaya ranges. Just about 19 km far from Mt. Everest to the South East in the border of Nepal and China.


Mt. Makalu offers picturesque views of giant mountain peaks like Mt.Everest and others in the Everest region.

The trek is an outstanding trek in the Eastern region of Nepal offering a beautiful view of Barun valley.

Some Features of Mt.Makalu

Climbing Mt.Everest is full of steep pitches and knife-edged ridges. Mt.Makalu has a pyramid shape. The base camp of Mt.Makalu is at 4823 m high above sea level. The climb includes technical ice and rock climbing. With a magnificent view from a sustained steep slope climbing this peak is at hype.

Other Interesting Sites


Highest peak in the world at 8848 m high above the sea level.

Makalu Barun National Park

Covering an area of 2330 sq.km including 400 species of birds and other habitat for many wildlife animals.

Barun Valley

Similarly, the Barun valley also facilitates stunning waterfalls, diverse species of flora and fauna.


The geography includes countryside forests, mountains, glaciers and mid-hills. Similarly, the climate will obviously be extreme cold at such altitude with some valleys in there.

Throughout Mt.Makalu Trek

During the trek to Mt.Makalu we can get a close review on the culture of that place along with some history, ethnicity, lifestyle, nature and environmental education. We can explore many hidden things, have adventures through hiking.

Ethnic communities

• Sherpa 

• Kirat and others

History of Mt.Makalu

Mt.Makalu was firstly climbed to its summit in 1955 by French team. From the first 16 attempts only 5 of them were successful. In 1951, Sir Edmund Hilary was on a route survey of Mt.Everest and took the photograph of Mt. Makalu. Ever since the first climb to the top, several attempts were successful to make to the top.

In 1997 the Russian team scaled the West route and 21st May 1997 was the day when they reached the top.

Mt.Makalu Expedition trip

Firstly, necessary paperwork is to be done. Then the trip starts with flight to Tumlingtar and a drive to Khandari at 1030m high. Now every stop throughout the trip is on tented camp from here. Then we head for Chichila trek and to Seduwa after crossing Num. We stop for a day to acclimatize at Tashigaon. 

Then we again continue to Mumbuk through Khongma trek. Again after an acclimatization in Shreson we head towards the base camp of Makalu. Then finally we head for the summit, taking around 16-18 days to reach the summit. And then we head back to base camp for departure. The same route we climbed. After reaching Tumlingtar and staying overnight at the hotel, the following day we head back to Kathmandu. A flight to Kathmandu and the end of Mt. Makalu trip.

Some Equipments during the Mt.Makalu climb:


3-4 season sleeping bag with good

Foam Matt

Sack and plastic bags to keep stuff dry

Water bottle


Running shoes

Good quality hiking boot

Knee-ankle support pad


Fleece gloves

Polypropylene liner gloves


Bandana or scarf

Dust mask

Sun hat

  • Highest Elevation: 8463m
  • Lowest Elevation: 2386m


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