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Mt.Cho Oyu

Subash Shrestha May 24, 2020

Mt.Cho Oyu is the 6th highest mountain in the world which is 8201 m high above the sea level. The name of the mountain has a meaning and it is the Turquoise Goddess which owes its colour in the setting Sun as it valiants on the border of Nepal and Tibet.

mt.cho oyo

Mt.Cho Oyu is the second most climbed mountain throughout the world above 8000m category. Mountaineer started to climb the summit firstly in 1954 and the fact that it is the most attempted with highest success rate in the category of 8000m. This fact is an encouraging factor for beginners and
technically, climbing Mt.Cho Oyu is easier that is why this peak is regarded as stepping stone for the preparation of climbing other technical mountains.

Neighbouring mountains of Mt.Cho Oyo

There are couple of popular mountains as it neighbours like Mt.Everest (on the East), Mt.Lhotse and Mt. Nurse.

Throughout the climb:
Mt.Cho Oyu trip about 10 week starting from Kathmandu till we return back again where it can take some days for visa processing to enter Tibet through South West climbing route. There will be some short treks to reach three climbing camps and also, Mt.Cho Oyu is covered in tremendous glaciated and snow clopes. While climbing somewhere around 8 hours of continuous walk is done in consecutive days. And the journey is guided by some experiences Sherpas.

Cho Oyu climb

Difficulty level

The difficulty level in this climb is moderate and it is minimal in comparing to its neighbouring mountains. But it’s not that we ignore the risk as it is above 8000m. And it should be taken seriously because you never whats in the adventure.

Rewards that we get

We get a staggering view of the Himalayas including Mt.Everest, Mt.Lhotse and other. Moreover, it is like a preparation for other technical mountain climbs

  • Highest Elevation: 8201m


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