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Mount Saipal Expedition

Abhishek Subedi June 22, 2020

Mount Saipal 7031m is the second highest peak in Western Nepal with its elevation of 7031m above sea level. The region is less known, remote, off the beaten, exotic scenery, scenic of many snow capped peaks, the paths of rocky land, jungles, self-western biodiversity of Nepal, unique trans- Himalayan plateau, rocky cliffs, adventurous, difficult and different; can be touched with heavenly feelings. In this trek, we explore the hidden highland valleys of Humla and take you in the lap of Mt. Saipal 7031m. The region is less known, remote, off the beaten, exotic scenery, scenic of many snow capped peaks, the paths of rocky land, jungles, self western biodiversity of Nepal, unique trans- Himalayan plateau, rocky cliffs, adventurous, difficult and different; can be touched with heavenly feelings. Saipal Expedition is of much remoteness of the undeveloped region of Nepal. After all, its popularity is increasing rapidly. Spring and the Autumn seasons are best for this himal expedition. 

Mount Saipal Expedition

Trekking and Expedition trip in Saipal region with exotic scenery, romantic dinners, dancing under the stars and encountering new zones that you never visited or thought of before will give you one and only the best example of the trekking and expedition trip ever before or after. Whether you’re celebrating your honeymoon, learning to scuba dive together, or wandering through museums hand-in-hand, a romantic vacation can add a spark to your relationship. From a warm aloha greeting of fresh flower leis and friendly smiles, to the memories you will carry home of the people and places in this unforgettable tropical paradise, classic vacations can make your dream come true.

Far west Trekking in Nepal is unknown, unexplored, difficult, adventurous and totally different. Nepal is by nature very rich in different kinds of natural resources and we are particularly rich in many types of Himalayan Ranges. Many Himalayan ranges are known nationally and internationally. But we still have other nationally and internationally unknown Himalayan ranges as well. Saipal is full of rocky lands , jungles , cold rivers(melted from the snow and flow) , small cold streams and many more natural resources can easily be seen and touched. In our long experience of working with trekkers from different world, we have understood that there are two types of trekkers; one type of trekkers are like that who want easy, well-known and unadventurous area and another type of trekkers like to trek and expedition to unknown , unexplored , difficult , rough and different area.  

Day 1 Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj

From Kathmandu, you will take a flight to the Nepalgunj. It is the town in the Western Terai and is very close to the Indian Border and the Bardia National Park. The town is a major transport hub for western, mid- western and far- western regions of Nepal. 

Day 2 Drive from Nepalgunj to Dadeldhura

The ride is about 7 to 8 hours to reach Dadeldhura. It is about 169 km far from Nepalgunj. Throughout the ride you can enjoy the beautiful river valleys, plain Terai lands and lush green forests.

Mount Saipal Expedition

Day 3 Drive from Dadedhura to Chainpur

After having the warm and hearty breakfast you will set your journey towards the Chainpur which will be the starting point of your trek. It is about 79 km far from Dadeldhura. Chainpur is an ancient town in Jaya Prithvi Municipality in Seti zone of Nepal.

Day 4 Chainpur to Talkot

The trek is about 7 to 8 hours to reach the Talkot. You will leave behind Chainpur and walk through the unique landscapes of the village trail of the far western region.

Day 5 Talkot to Jima

From this day, you are able to see the beautiful view of high mountains of western part of Nepal. You will have to walk the whole day to reach Jima from Talkot which takes about 8 hours of proper walk.

Day 6 Jima to Panshera

You will leave behind Jima and head towards Panshera. Throughout the journey you will be accompanied by scenic views of the Himalayas, lush green forests and farmlands.

Mount Saipal Expedition

Day 7 Panshera to High Camp

This day will be the beautiful journey as you get one step closer to the Saipal Himal. The track is full of splendid views of mountains and hills. You get to see the beautiful nature of this place. The trail of the high camp is icy and snowy so you can take your time and ascend slowly to the base camp.

Day 8 -27 days Climbing Period

From this day, your climbing period will start. You will have to walk a few days and rest a few days and acclimatize yourselves with the surroundings to avoid altitude sickness and other problems. The Sherpa guides will help you with climbing. Climbing days will be tough and challenging but once you reach the summit of Saipal Himal, you are rewarded with the sumptuous views of Api Himal, Rajramba, Kap Chuli and Nanda Devi along with the views of other beautiful high peaks. The feeling of conquering the summit of Saipal Himal is on one hand and on the other hand, you get to spot the most amazing views of Himalayas of Nepal. You will follow the same path to descend back to the high camp.

Day 28 High Camp to Labuk Depsa

After achieving the climbing dream, you will descend back to the Labuk Depsa.

Day 29 Labuk Depsa to Chala Village to Yalbang

After the morning breakfast, you will leave Labuk Depsa and walk through the green terrain passing Chala Village where you will rest for a while. You can gather beautiful sceneries from Chala Village and make your move further through the pine forest and reach Yalbang. Just above the campsite, there is a beautiful monastery; the Namkha Khyung Dzong Monastery which is the biggest in the region with around 130 monks living there where the big statue of Guru Rinpoche can be found.

Day 30 Yalbang to Kermi

 Today, you will leave behind Yalbang and continue your journey towards Kermi. After 3 hours of walk, you will reach a big metal suspension bridge over the Sali River. You cross that and ascend further through pine forests and lush green landscapes and reach Kermi after about 7 hours of walk.

Day 31 Kermi to Dharapuri

This day you will leave Kermi and head towards Dharapani. You will walk through the farming areas where people of that region grow barley, buckwheat, potatoes and rice for living. After passing through the farming area, you will reach the place where you can see Chya Chhahara waterfall and from there, you will walk about 2 and half hours alongside Karnali River to the way through narrow gorges. After certain hours of walk, you will reach Dharapuri.

Mount Saipal Expedition

Day 32 Dharapuri to Simikot

The trail is so uneven that you will have to ascend around one corner and walk through the plain trail and descend down the other corner. After about 2 hours of walk, you will reach Majgaun and rest for a while and again walk ahead. After half an hour of walk, you will reach a mountain pass at the altitude of 3150m and after half an hour of crossing the mountain pass, you will finally reach the destination.  Simikot is a small beautiful town over Humla Karnali River that offers wonderful views of deep valleys around the town area.

Day 33 Fly from Simikot to Nepalgunj to Kathmandu

At first you will take a flight from Simikot to Nepalgunj and again board another flight to Kathmandu Valley.


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