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Corona Update Nepal


Anisha Rauniyar August 4, 2020

Situated in the Far-Western locale of Nepal, Martadi of Bajura is a jewel that has not yet been found. Martadi is a little city of the Bajura area and the authoritative headquarter of the locale. The city lies at a height of 2,030m over the ocean level. The name Martadi was get from Martanda Rishi. The least elevation with which the locale begins is at 300m and goes up to 6,400m. Along these lines, topographically, the locale is partition into three unmistakable areas; Higher Himalayan Region, Higher Mountain and mid – Mountains.


As per the 2011 evaluation, Martadi had a populace of 8,807 individuals living in 1,290 individual families. The work of over 80% of the locale populace relies upon agribusiness and creature raising. Because of the high height, unfertile soil, and absence of water system framework, the farming creation of the locale is low. Which thusly causes, most of the families to confront intense food deficiencies for a huge piece of the year. Bajura locale has a multi-ethnic network structure with Chhetri, Kami, Thakuri, Brahman, Damai, SarkI and Sanyashi.


Martadi doesn’t have any immediate access by street or aviation routes. The most straightforward approach to reach Martadi would be traveling to Bajura Airport and from that point a day journey to arrive at the locale headquarter. To reach Martdi by street, one needs to initially go to Dhangadhi and from that point reach Saafebagar of Achham. From Saafebagar, there is an engine capable street that paves the way to Bramhatola Serabazar. From that point Martadi is a large portion of a day journey.

  • Population: 4618


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