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Marpha Village

Anisha Rauniyar June 1, 2020

We travel to be astounded and enchanted, yet likewise to discover bits of ourselves we may have lost incidentally. Marpha is one of those spots where we can do this, a desert spring of enchantment and history that will charm guests consistently with tokens of a time that isn’t completely overlooked. Not at all like different towns along the Annapurna Circuit, Marpha has purposely attempted to safeguard its extraordinary legacy and design.

At 2,680m, the zone encompassing this stone town is remote — a desolate, dusty bowl headed by Jomsom, the area of the closest air terminal, with flights running every day from Pokhara. However Marpha resembles no other, and is an unquestionable requirement visit spot in the region.

Supported facing transcending bluffs, Marpha’s homes are produced using stone. Entryways and windows are sketched out by cherrywood boards, sharp red lines circumscribing provincial white stone. A white and burgundy totem extends into the sky, a wall painting painted on the stone stronghold encompassing the housetops stacked high with cleaved bits of wood. Despite the fact that utilized as ignite for cold winters, the logs additionally speak to a family’s riches, an open presentation of the work and means expected to amass such an uncommon asset. On sunny mornings, blue skies fill in as a puncturing background for a town deserving of surrounded photos.


The street twisting through the town is a spotless, stone-laid way that takes guests past customer facing facades of Tibetan gifts, thick cuts of crusty fruit-filled treat, and bundles of dried organic product. The cobblestone rear entryways add to the curiosity of the town, and kids’ chuckling echoes through the roads. As a home to Tibetan outcasts for quite a while, the Tibetan language is spoken over cups of tea. Not a long way from the town place lies the Tibetan Settlement Chhairo, a riverside religious community with over 300 years of culture and practice. The inside now fills in as both an exhibition hall and social focus, saving ancient rarities and centerpieces while uniting local people and strict aficionados.

Close by saving its legacy, Marpha has grasped the innovation that accompanies the travel industry and neighborliness. Guesthouses have Wifi, high temp water radiators keep showers warm, and Western food is served in most settlement. However in Marpha you can arrange the absolute best Thakali sets along the Annapurna Circuit. For breakfast attempt hotcakes with a new glass of ocean buckthorn juice (otherwise called olivello). Pressed with cancer prevention agents and nutrient C, ocean buckthorn is thought to reinforce invulnerability and battle the maturing procedure, a fairly marvel squeeze in wellbeing networks. It is in sufficient flexibly in Marpha, a solid organic product that flourishes in places where barely any different things can — brilliant, orange spheres suspended in patches of fragile, prickly branches.

Step by step instructions to GET TO MARPHA

Take a departure from Pokhara to Jomsom, at that point stroll to Marpha. It takes about 30 minutes by walking. Or then again, jump on one of the neighborhood transports that limits up the dusty street. Then again, enlist a taxi from Jomsom Airport.

In case you’re trekking along the Annapurna Circuit, factor Marpha in as one of your overnight stops. It merits that last push from Jomsom to Marpha, and you can remunerate yourself with liquor and pie after your long stretch. From Beni, you can reach Marpha in four days, or focus on a more recreation pace to appreciate a portion of different stops.

For a progressively tough experience, pursue a bike visit with Hearts and Tears.


In 1966, a plant ranch was set up in the town and acquainted neighborhood families with the apple creation for which the territory is currently well known. Indeed, even in towns far away from the Mustang District, venders will gladly gloat, “Marpha baata” when their apples are the first. Guests can visit a nearby refinery to figure out how cognac is made, example juice, or get some dried apples for the street.

Climb steps to the religious community and sit for an every day puja (revere service), or basically appreciate the birdseye perspective on the town. From here, you can see the many-sided puzzle of the antiquated and the advanced, power ropes dangling over bean stew peppers and herbs left to dry in the sun.

Visit the exhibition hall named for Japanese Zen priest Ekai Kawaguchi. The house he lived in holds a portion of his assets. Marpha was his arranging point, his place of home for a long time as he delineated how he would head out to Tibet. ‘A Stranger in Tibet’, the novel by Scott Berry, recounts the priest’s movements.

Stop by the Marpha Foundation, set up by Jessica Kain. The association has an Artist in Residence program for Nepali craftsmen, and invites stroll in guests to their locale library and Creative Learning Center.


In spite of the fact that there are a few hotels, my go-to has consistently been Meeru Guesthouse. It’s basically the ideal cabin: the food is flavorful, the lounge area is open, there’s a guitar holding on to be played, and the accommodation is best in class. You can think that its privilege off the principle way, yet reservations are suggested during occupied season. Rooms are peaceful and clean, and the little lawn garden is typically sprouting with blossoms.

Marpha: local drink

The Mustang area of Nepal is popular for its natural product creation. A town in the region, named Marpha, is the focal point of the creation of apples in the nation. The greater part of the territory is high in height and exceptionally dry, nearly desert like and along these lines, it has altogether different vegetation in contrast with the remainder of Nepal. Business organic product developing is certifiably not a conventional type of agribusiness in Nepal, yet apple, pear, peach and plum trees are normally copious in this area and can be utilized to create liquor. Organic product cognac is a sort of alcohol that is made by aging natural product juice. It normally contains 40-45% liquor. This item could be devoured over ice or utilized in a blended beverage.

  • Population: 2100


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