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Corona Update Nepal

Manang to Ghunsang

Anisha Rauniyar July 2, 2020

Following a rest day that was definitely not, the time had come to hit the path once more! Today is certifiably not a too extreme day however the vast majority of the rise gain comes in the main portion of the walk. We began with another outing to the pastry kitchen for some espresso and new croissants. After at long last tearing ourselves away from the bistro, we advanced toward the checkpoint to get out grants checked and stepped. The way weaved out of Manang and we immediately moved over the town. We set aside effort to appreciate incredible perspectives on the mountains, stream wandering through the valley and a little lake out yonder. Hearing a disturbance, we halted and looked as a crowd of goats charged its way over our way towards their fields. Certainly the kinda road turned parking lot we wouldn’t fret halting for!


The sun was sparkling and it was another excellent outing on the path. As though you weren’t at that point, today is an extraordinary day for appreciating the perspectives – the view is mind boggling as the path heads ever more elevated. We strolled past yaks touching on green slants who looked at us detachedly before proceeding to eat. At that point, similarly as Manang was going to vanish from see, we ran over a sign illuminating us this was the point past which engine vehicles were not permitted.

From here on in it was simply us and the mountains. The main traffic we encountered were donkey trains loaded down with merchandise and mountain yaks touching to the side of the way. The main portion of the day’s stroll, to Ghunsang, is the most testing with around 400 meters of rise gain. Once in Ghunsang, there is a bistro with some housetop seats for appreciating the perspectives. It’s a decent possibility for a washroom break and to top off water bottles.

Manang (3540m) – Ghunsang (3950m)

Separation: 4.2 km

Time: Around 1.5 hrs

  • Highest Elevation: 3950m


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