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Major Bhagwati Temples

Anisha Rauniyar August 1, 2020

Other than flying kites, remaining all together, having delightful food, and trusting that your turn will play ‘Linge ping’, there’s another significant component of Dashain that makes this celebration much all the more fascinating. Visiting better places of journey to pay the praise to Goddess Durga, living in her different manifestations, is a deep root convention.

As told by Guru Bijaya Sharma Rajopadhyaya, “Bada Dashain, the tenth day of Dashain, is a day to praise the nine-day love and get oblation. From the day of Ghatasthapana to the tenth day, otherwise call Bada Dashain, various types of goddess Durga is revere in order to laud the ladylike force and heaviness.” There are a great deal of sanctuaries, commit to goddess Durga, inside Kathmandu which one can visit during this celebration.

Chamunda Bhagawati sanctuary:

This sanctuary, arrange in Shankhamul, Kathmandu, is visit generally on Ghatasthapana, the principal day of Dashain. Chamunda Bhagawati is revere on this day.

Shova Bhagwati sanctuary:

Located in Shova Bhagwati, Kathmandu, this sanctuary sees the most extreme number of aficionados on the second day of Dashain. On this day, Lutidevi is love.

Gokarneshwor Bhagawati sanctuary:

On the third day of Dashain, lovers pay their praise and contributions to goddess Gokarneshwor Bhagawati. This sanctuary is situate in Gokarna, Kathmandu.

Janaleshwor Bhagawati sanctuary:

Goddess Janaleshwor Bhagawati is adore on the fourth day of Bada Dashain. Arranged in Kalmochan, Kathmandu, Janaleshwor Bhagawati sanctuary invites a decent arrangement of enthusiasts on Chaturthi.

Manamaijudevi Bhagwati sanctuary:

Goddess Manamaijudevi Bhagawati is adore on the fifth day of Bada Dashain. This sanctuary is situate at Pachali, Kathmandu.

Batsaladevi Bhagwati sanctuary:

On the 6th day, or Khasthi of Bada Dashain, the lovers of goddess Durga visit the Batsaladevi sanctuary to venerate Batsaladevi Bhagawati. This sanctuary is situate at Tokha, Kathmandu.

Kankeshwari Bhagwati sanctuary:

On the eighth day, or Ashtami of Dashain, goddess Kankeshwari is love by the supporters of goddess Durga. This sanctuary is situate in Teku, Kathmandu.

Guheshwari Bhagwati sanctuary:

On the ninth day, or Nawami of Bada Dashain, Goddess Guheshwari is revere. Guests from numerous spots visit Guheshwori Bhagawati sanctuary to commend the Mahanawami on this sacred day. This sanctuary is situate in Dhoka Tole, Kathmandu.


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