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Corona Update Nepal


Anisha Rauniyar August 2, 2020

Mahendranagar is the ninth biggest city in Nepal. The city was name in the respect recently King Mahendra. In any case, after the republic, the name was change to Bhimdatta to pay tribute to the progressive rancher pioneer, Bhimdatta Panta. It is the extraordinary west and less confused fringe with India. It has additionally become the center of movement for industry running among India and Nepal and training center point for the Mahakali area. The city is about 5km east of the Indian fringe and about 700km from the capital, Kathmandu. There is a ton to investigate in the city.

Shuklaphanta National Park

Not exceptionally a long way from the city lies one of the nation’s best national parks, Shuklaphanta National Park. With a region of 305 square km, this national park is secure with open field, timberlands, riverbeds and tropical wetlands. The meadow present inside the recreation center called Suklaphanta, zone 16 square kilometer is the biggest fix of persistent field in Nepal. This park is home for in excess of 700 types of vegetation. Prairie covers practically 50% of the save’s vegetation.

The meadows and wetlands of the recreation center have become the ideal territory for a wide scope of fauna. Around 12 reptiles and creatures of land and water and 28 types of fish were record. They are Mahseer, Rohu, Indian Rock Python, Monitor Lizard, Crocodiles, and some more. This spot has become a paradise for flying creature sweethearts with an aggregate of 423 winged creature species, individuals visit from all around the nation to see these lovely feathered creatures. One-horn rhino was move from Chitwan National Park to repopulate the species number. Guests may get fortunate to see this imperiled species in nature.

The wilderness of Shuklaphanta National Park was before a site of an old realm. The vestiges of the realm can be find in certain spots in the recreation center. A block support estimating 1500m can be as yet find close to the Rani lake. This fortress is accept to be of Tharu ruler Singpal.

Dodhara Chandani Bridge

Dodhara Chandani Bridge otherwise called Mahakali Bridge is an unquestionable requirement see place when visiting Mahendranagar. Situated about 12km Southwest of Bhimdatta, this extension is consider as a building wonder of Nepal. This 1496m long scaffold associates the two towns of Nepal Dodhara and Chandani isolated by the Mahakali stream. The scaffold is structure as a person on foot connect, however it can likewise bolster light cruisers and bikes moreover. Encountering nightfall from this area is a merry encounter.


Alongside this Mahakali Dam, Jhilmil Taal, Bhimdatta Memorial Park, Siddhanath Temple are a portion of the principle vacation spots of Mahendranagar. The Mahakali dam has been the essential wellspring of vitality and water system for the individuals of this locale and for certain pieces of India too.

Way of life

As per the evaluation of 2001, the city’s populace was 80,839. Mahendranagar has an extraordinary blend of ethnic gatherings. The indigenous individuals living here are the Rana-Tharus. Notwithstanding, over the most recent couple of decades, individuals from Baitadi, Darchula and Dadeldhura have moved creation this lovely city home. The fundamental celebrations celebrated in this area are Holi, Maghi, Dashain, Gaura Parba, and Tihar. Nearby individuals praise these celebrations with brimming with vitality and it is a sight to watch.

The food of this district is extraordinarily affect by Tharu and Indian culture. Acclaimed nourishments of Mahendranagar incorporate Dhikri, Chichar, Ghonghi and Pakuwa. These treats will without a doubt make food sweethearts wanting for additional.


From the capital, Kathmandu city, Mahendranagar is 700km and can take from 15-16 hours in transports. Be that as it may, the option in contrast to the transport, flying can be another extraordinary choice, there is an air terminal in Dhangadhi, about 60km from Mahendranagar. It can take around one and a half hours to reach Dhangadhi Airport and one more hour to reach Mahendranagar in a taxi. Getting around the city is somewhat simple. Transports, taxis, cycle, cart are a portion of the accessible transportation mediums to get around the city.


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