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Subash Shrestha May 25, 2020

Mahakulung municipality is a rural community which is situated in Solukhumbu district in Province 1 with an area of 648 sq. km. The population as per Census of Nepal 2011 is 11452, where the headquarter of this municipality lies in Bung.


Some constitution fact of Mahakulung municipality:

Previously, Bung, Gudel and  Chheskam were all separate. Later, these three VDCs merged and formed the new local body which is now known as Mahakulung. And this rural municipality is divided into 5 wards having Bung as its headquarter.

Attraction in Mahakulung municipality

Mahakulung is regarded as one of favourable trip locations because of its heavenly atmosphere. The surrounding area is one of the best scenic locations. Also, it is also a trek route to Silicho peak which is 4150m high above the sea level.

To get to the starting point

Phaplu is the starting point of the trek. You can fly to Phaplu. The flight from Kathmandu to Phaplu takes about 35 minutes For those who travel by bus takes around 12 hours to reach Bung from Kathmandu. 

Brief information:


Phaplu is the starting point. It is a sub-urban flat in the lap of hills and mountains. This place is peaceful and less frequented in comparison with other areas. Phaplu has a vast range of Flora and Fauna along with people from different cultures and religions. With the required camping for three nights , trekkers get a chance to enjoy in the lap of exotic nature.


Mahakulung is the visiting destination to which we head for( from Phaplu). The trek route in Mahakulung has ups and downs in small hills. Trekkers have to go through jungles, cross rivers. A chance to explore flora and fauna. Also, Mahakulung has three beautiful villages with cultures of local inhabitants. The major ethnic group of Mahakulung is Kulung where Sherpa and others lie in the minority.

Silicho peak

Silicho peak is 4156 m high above the sea level and it is the only peak in Nepal from where 22 famous peaks can be seen. The list includes Mt.Everest, Mt.Ama Dablam, Mt.Thamserku, Mt.Lhotse, Mt.Makalu and others. Apart from this, there is a lake in the lap of Silicho Peak. It is Salpa lake.


Silicho peak & Salpa lake: Religious value

Both Silicho peak and Salpa lake hold religious value as people believe they are the heartstone of God. Many people visit this place with a belief that they will get blessings for good fortunes.

Schedule for the trek:

The trip can last for around 15 days. At first, we have to complete our necessary arrangements. Then from Kathmandu we can get a flight to Phaplu in around 35 minutes. After reaching Phaplu we start our trek to Ghumne Pani and stay overnight in camp. Next day, the targeted destination will be to Sotang. Throughout the journey every stop will be overnight camp. From Sotang, it’s Gudel where we will be heading towards. The next day after reaching Gudel, will acclimatize.

After acclimatizing, we head to Sanam and the following day is to Salpa where we rest for climbing Silicho peak the following day. As the climb is done we climb to Sonam and then to Gudel on the next day. The aim will be to reach Lukla. So, from Gudel it will be to Khiraune- to Pangoma- to Paiyan and then to Lukla. Finally, after an overnight camp in Lukla it will be the time for a return trip to Kathmandu.

Requirements for the trek: 

As being a moderate trek, the trail is at least 5 to 7 hours daily. Plus, some backpack. It’s obvious that higher elevation requires more physical stamina than at lower elevation. And as this is an average route so it’s easier for people with good health and passion to travel.

Favourable time:

The favourable time for ths trek can be September to November and March to May. The atmosphere will be perfect. With all the clandestine beauty showered and views with outstanding landscape is just perfect.


Physical warm up, exercises can be a plus point beginning the journey.

  • Population: 11452


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