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Machhapuchhre Model Trek

Abhishek Subedi August 8, 2020

Machhapuchhre is Nepali word of “fishtail”. Machhapuchhre model trek or fishtail model trek is a very new trekking trail, recently explored by Trekking agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) in association with various trekking agents including our company- Nepal Trekking Tourism & Adventure (NTTA) in 2010. The route of this trek takes you very close to fishtail (Machhapuchhre), known as one of sacred as well as Virgin Mountain in Nepal and so it is named as machhapuchhre model trek. The route is fully wilderness and so far very few tourists visited and fully off the beaten trekking trail of Nepal and untouched by modern development yet offer best views of many mountains including best view of fishtail. Trekkers can explore the hidden secrets of this area. 

Machhapuchhre Model Trek

The blending of rich cultural heritage of diverse ethnic groups like Gurung, Tamang, Magar, Damai, Kami, Sarki, Chetri, Newar, and Brahmins, etc with the eye catching views of snow capped mountains like Mt. Mardi, Mt. Machhapuchre, and Annapurna Himalayan ranges from close proximity. The opportunity to experience the combinations of rich flora & fauna, mountain forest, varied bird species, wild flowers, wild animals, and natural hot springs are supplementary attractions for visitors of all kinds. After a half an hour drive by Jeep or Public bus from Pokhara, Machhapuchhre Model trekking can be started immediately crossing the Mardi River, the trekkers get immediately close with mammals. So the trekkers can experience the perfect natural sites in this area.

Day 1 Sightseeing in Kathmandu

Today, let’s explore the ancient richness of Kathmandu valley which stands shoulder to shoulder with the modern lifestyle of the city. Listed in the UNESCO World heritage site list, Kathmandu valley hosts some very sacred pilgrimages for Hindus (the Pashupatinath Temple) and the Buddhists (Swayambhunath Stupa or the Monkey Temple and Boudhanath Stupa). The Royal complex, better known as Durbar Square, hosts historical palaces, temples and statues, museums, intricate carvings on monuments, and so on. These heritages provide you the feeling of ‘time travel’ and a sense of relaxation.  

Machhapuchhre Model Trek

Day 2 Drive to Kathmandu Valley

For the beginning of a trek that takes us around the unique and sacred Machhapuchhre or Fishtail Mountain, we shall today head for Pokhara, the Lake city of Nepal. A short flight of around half an hour over beautiful landscape, lush and green valleys and with the close up of the glowing Himalayas takes you to Pokhara. The drive of around 6-8 hours from Kathmandu is another way to reach Pokhara. This drive takes us past the scenic landscape, rural settlements, waterfalls and pristine rivers, as well as the view of mountains standing far. Either way, we are welcomed by the shining Fishtail Peak. Today, we shall relax at the hotel or stroll around the quaint Phewa Lake. 

Day 3 Drive to Mardi Pul and Trek to Ribhan

Begin your trekking adventure after breakfast and on a drive on a road accompanied by the shy Seti River you reach Mardi Pul via Milan Chowk. We then continue ahead for Ribhan past Mardi Pul close to the periphery of Annapurna sanctuary and continue to the village of Lahachowk. Continue ahead and follow the Mardi River upstream to enter into the Annapurna conservation area and reach near the Pati Khola cave. Branch off from the trail to Bhir Katera and continue towards Ribhan. En route enjoy the unique Gurung settlements, lush environment and view of mountain peaks. 

Day 4 Trek to Chichemle Kharka

Continuing ahead deeper into the conservation area we shall today head for Chichemle Kharka after breakfast. Traverse through the forest adorned with rhododendron trees and other vegetation and with some ups and downs of the trail, we continue our ascent to the Lalka where we find some supporters’ shelters.  Not following the trail to Hike Kharka, we continue climbing to the Odane Hill where we shall find other supporters’ shelter. Continuing along the ridges of Odane hills, we shall then trek downhill to the destination of Chichemle Kharka, a summer grazing land for the animals brought by the locals.  Enjoy the lush green rhododendron forest and have the beautiful view of glittering peaks and beautiful landscape from several spots before reaching the destination. 

Day 5 Trek to Kumai

We shall continue to explore the lush vegetations of this region as we trek to further high altitudes. After breakfast we shall reach the trail descending from Odane Hill and continue ahead on the trail. Walk ahead through ridges and watch out for varieties of flora and fauna in the lush surrounding to climb onto Samsur Deurali. From here the view of surrounding areas is wonderful. Navigate further in the trail and in a rather steep trail, you shall now climb to the Kumai Danda.  This hilltop, also our destination for today, is a beautiful spot for viewing the beautiful Himalayas including the Annapurna peaks, the Fishtail Mountain and others. En route across a couple of streams and enjoy the roaring streams and white raging waters. 

Machhapuchhre Model Trek

Day 6 Trek to Kharka

Today we shall reach the climax of our trekking adventure as we head for Kharka, the grazing land. Begin your trek from Kumai after breakfast and continue traversing along the ridge of Khumi Danda from the overnight stay towards the small stream. Further across it climb to the Korchan, another beautiful hill on our trekking trail. The viewpoint of Annapurna south, fishtail mountain  and others, Korchon hill then leads us along the ridges to open up to the meadow and grassland known as Kharka.

Day 7 Trek to Takru

Today onwards, we shall begin our return journey in this adventure. Beginning our trek after witnessing sunrise over the high Himalayas and cascading hills, and after taking breakfast we move ahead.  After you reach the summit of the Korchon, then we shall take on the route different to the trail followed during the ascent. Crossing over small streams and passing by a Kharka  and supporter’s shelters and trekking further downhill from that graze land, we shall reach a place called Naudhoke. Witnessing the rolling hills and diverse landscape and passing by graze lands, small hamlets and occasional glimpses of peaks, we reach Takru. 

Day 8 Trek to Lwang

Our downhill trek continues today as well. We have come to the proximity of the Mardi River which shall accompany us as we cross the small stream of Saiti Khola and traverse through the settlements of Saiti Ghatta, a village with water-powered grinding mills, and Kujbang village before crossing Mardi River to reach Lumre village. Navigate through the trails through several smaller settlements, lush green surroundings, hamlets perched on the high hillside, terraced cultivation lands, beautiful waterfalls, and the usual ups and downs of the terrain to reach the destination of Lwang village.  

Day 9 Trek to Mardi Pul

Today we shall end our physical trekking in the beautiful surroundings of Fishtail Mountain and reach to the trailhead at Mardi Pul. Begin with the sunrise over the green hills and then head along less strenuous trails to the trail junction near Nayapul. Continue along the trail alongside the mighty rivers and trek past the confluence of Mardi and Idj River after the settlement of Bhindabari. Keep walking ahead in the trail following the river downstream and continue your trek to reach the destination of Mardi Pul. 

Day 10 Drive to Pokhara

In our journey to return from the small settlement of Mardi Pul, we shall take on drive on a private vehicle to Pokhara. This short drive of a couple of hours shall take us to Milanchowk and join the Pokhara-Baglung highway to reach the scenic city of Pokhara. Moreover, you shall drive past several famous settlements, Tibetan refugee camp, Jangchub Choeling Monastery, and the sacred Hindu shrine of Bindhyabasini Temple. Relax at the hotel after reaching Pokhara and stroll around the beautiful streets of the city and the quaint Phewa Lake. 

Machhapuchhre Model Trek

Day 11 Drive Back to Kathmandu Valley

Get your bags ready as we shall leave this scenic landscape of Pokhara for the capital city of Kathmandu. Similarly, we may either take the overland route through beautiful landscape and winding roads or have a short flight over beautiful landscape and up close to the humongous peaks. Have proper and a much needed rest in the hotel and if you are interested go for some walk around the streets of Kathmandu. 


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