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Maa Chamunda temple

Anisha Rauniyar June 19, 2020

A lovely Pagoda style sanctuary arranged in Kathmandu, the sanctuary of Chamunda Devi has an enormous territory that houses a few other little sanctuaries of god and goddesses. Among these sanctuaries stands one sanctuary of Maha Durga which is worked inside a Pipal tree and the underlying foundations of the tree has secured the sanctuary taking it inside the roots.

Goddess Chamunda is the person who annihilates the detestable sentiments that exists in us. On one piece of the sanctuary, horns of Buffalo are hanged and a mirror is set above it. The thought is to see one’s own picture on the mirror and dissect if there is a villain inside him. Time is considered as life and life is one’s development in time and through the life-power or Prana, individuals experience time. Kali is considered as time that makes it Prana or life-power and Chamunda, the Divine Mother is our life. She is the mystery power behind the working of our substantial frameworks and indispensable vitality and it is just through her that we live. She is the condition of the disintegration of want, Nirvana, as she is additionally the intensity of death. She evacuates our needs and longing for driving us to Nirvana.

The sanctuary of Chamunda is an extraordinary case of antiquated Nepali painstaking work with everything inside the being perfectly and capably manufactured and cut. Her picture is dull blue in shading and she wears a laurel of skulls. Her long tongue is standing out of her mouth and she is chuckling and at times, rather than tongue, two teeth could be seen standing out. She has four arms and four hands one holding a head chopper, a cut off head trickling blood on the other, while with her other two hands, she makes the mudras (motion) giving helps and dispersing dread. Her material, a skirt she wears is made of human arms and she is regularly depicted as moving in an incineration ground and stepping on a carcass (which is the assemblage of Lord Shiva).

Several fans stay with the goddess and particularly during the hour of Navaratri and Dashain, the sanctuary is packed enthusiasts.


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