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Corona Update Nepal


Anisha Rauniyar June 7, 2020

Lobuche top (Lobuje in nearby term) is a well known climbing top in Nepal. It lies close to the Khumbu Glacier, the town Lobuche is a closest settlement. There are two highest points of this pinnacle which names Lobuche east and west. The stature of Lobuche east is 6119m and west is 6155m as indicated by the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). Lobuche east is considered as a trekking top yet west is a campaign top. Trekking tops doesn’t require a climbing guide yet for campaign tops an expert climbing guide is required. April 25, 1984 the primary rising of Lobuche west was done and east was move in 1955. Before climbing the pinnacle you will make an outing to Chhukung Ri (5546m) which will help you during your climbing time at Lobuche top.

Lobuche top has different existing courses for the climbers, likewise they can make another one without anyone else. The mountain has a rough East face that ascents over the moraines of the Khumbu Glacier to a tremendous horizon. Snow is a valuable thing which could assist with climbing the top from south. NAM guaranteed guides are accessible in Nepal for your undertaking. Trash store is required for any pinnacle moving in Nepal, which is USD 500 for each group, which is discounted in the wake of climbing. The most extreme group number shouldn’t be over 15. NMA likewise gives some hardware on lease, those are, Gamo sacks, Walkie and Talkie, Ropes various sizes, Oxygen Cylinders and essential mountaineering gears (carabiner, rock pitons, ropes pulley, snow bar).


As referenced over the trouble level of Lobuche top climbing is diverse for both of the Lobuche tops. The east is a trekking top so you can reach without any problem. You don’t require a campaign group and a climbing head for the excursion. On the contrary side, the west required an appropriate campaign, climbing gear and group required. The elevation is an issue to everybody except the given agenda is planned by experts which will assist you with adjusting all through the outing.


You required a grant before your Lobuche top climbing. A one month license can be acquired from NAM, who takes care of beneath 6500m tops in Nepal. Next to the pinnacle climbing grant you need to acquire a national park license for Sagarmatha national park and a TIMS card. Lobuche top climbing grant cost USD 250 for each individual throughout the spring season, USD 125 for every individual during the harvest time season and USD 70 for each individual throughout the winter and rainstorm period of undertaking.


Endeavor Cost

The endeavor cost may rely upon your inclination. It costs around USD 2400-3000 for each individual with the exception of the flight cost and allows. Which could be according to the season you visit. The expense is as given agenda above with an endeavor guide and doorman to convey your stuff. The schedule can be abbreviated and furthermore modified just Lobuche top climbing or include everest base camp trek inside a similar agenda. You use the accessible lavish settlement and administrations all through the stumble on an extra charge.

Best Season to Climb

Spring (March, April and May) is the best season to climb Lobuche top. It is the post winter time in Nepal so you will get a gigantic measure of solidified snow on the climbing course which will help you for a simple trip. Pre-winter time is the Autumn season (September, October and November), considered as a subsequent best season for Lobuche top climbing. Harvest time season is likewise a period of celebrations in Nepal. Winter and storm seasons are not the favored chance to ascend any mountains and tops in Nepal.

  • Highest Elevation: 5030m


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