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Subash Shrestha June 7, 2020

About Limi Valley

lim valley

Limi Valley is one of those least visited trekking routes of Humla; the far-western Nepal. It was untouched until 2002 where only after that this place was open for trekkers. Limi valley is in the most remote district of Nepal, hidden in the Himalaya of Humla. This valley is more like a Tibetan Plateau that spreads within the border of the country and has a similar culture and tradition of Tibet. The trek route has off the beaten track and one the best route to experience the wilderness, beauty of nature surrounded by some attractive snow capped mountains.

Diverse Limi Valley

Limi valley trek consists of two highland passes including Nyalu La (4949 m) and Nara La (4530 m). And is about 18 km away southwest to Mansarovar lake. Mansarovar lake is a pilgrimage site for both Hindu and Buddhist as it is a holy lake for the people. Also some ancient rampart villages- Jang, Halji and Til village throughout the trek. This valley has a wide range of flora and fauna and is a home for highland wildlife. Animals like blue sheep, musk deer, wild yak are found here with some rare animals like brown bear, Himalayan wolf and snow leopard has their habitat in this valley.


The trek for Limi valley includes the ancient route pilgrimage and salt trading route of Nepal-China border; spousal relationship between China and western Nepal. Which is why still we can spectate the sparkling Tibetan lifestyle and culture. This valley is rich due its vast bio-diversities, and religious culture as we can explore some monasteries. The northern highlands of this valley is occupied by Bhotias whereas the southern valleys and riverbeds by Hindus (Khasas); valley is diverse culturally.

Highlight of the Limi Valley trek

Trekking through an unexplored part of far-western Nepal.

Witnessing some of the gorgeous mountains and highlands through off the beaten track.

Two highland passes: Nara La pass (4530 m) & Nyalu La pass (4949 m).

Rampart villages: Jang, Halji & Til.

Exotic experience of camping in one the remote part of Nepal.

Rare opportunity to encounter some rare wildlife animals like snow leopard, Himalayan wolf, brown bear, blue sheep, wild yak and many more.


Day 1-  Arrival to Kathmandu

With your landing in Kathmandu, you will be taken to the hotel with warm welcome. After the registration and lodging is done, the guide will take to Thamel for a short tour as it’s the center attraction/tourist hub of the city. With a variety of restaurants to choose to grab a meal.

Day 2- Exploring Kathmandu

As a city of many religious sites, you get to explore the culturally rich sites like Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa on the north side of the city. And sites including Garden of Dreams, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swayambhunath Temple on the north side. Exploring some of the heritage sites and tasting some of the local foods around there.

Day 3- Flight to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu

On the third day we head to Nepalgunj through an afternoon domestic flight from Kathmandu to Mahendra Airport. Large city in western part of Nepal in Terai region. To the hotel overnight and getting rest for the next day.

Day 4- Flight to Simikot

Next day we set for a flight to Simikot in the early morning, awesome village, the gateway to Western Tibet and Mt.Kailash. An opportunity to explore mix culture of local Humla and Tibetan. It’s the headquarters of Humla located at about 3000 m high above the sea level. At such height you may feel some effects and this the starting point of the trek.

Day 5- To Dharapori from Simikot

The starting day of the trek, about more than 3000 m high pass which is a short climb taking an hour. Crossing the past is a steep down to Dharapori which is about 4-5 hours of walk before reaching above the Karnali river. Through a few villages of local people; Hindu and Buddhists and pine forests then setting up an overnight camp.

Day 6- Dharapori to Kermi

Kermi- small agricultural Buddhist village which is about 30 minutes uphill walk passing along the fields of barley, potatoes, buckwheat and rice with the Karnali river flowing through narrow gorges. As it’s a short walk, a time to recover yourself for the next day. This village has two monasteries- Lhundrup Choeling Gompa and Laikyo Gompa.

Day 7- To Yalbang

The trial this day is about 5-6 hours of trekking in slightly uphill. After crossing a small pass and a big iron suspension bridge over the Sali River before reaching Yalbang. And in Yalbang lies a big monastery with 130 monks- Namkha Khyung Dzong Monastery and huge stones. Carved with Tibetan Mantra.

Day 8- To Tumkot Khola

After Yalbang it’s time to head towards Tumkot Khola, an experience of walking in a three-sided tunnel with the carvings in the rock. Crossing the Karnali river by a wooden bridge. And you will notice the place getting rockier and to small bushes from the big pine forests. The trek is about 6 hours for this day and in 3-4 hours you reach Muchu village. In 1 hour it’s Tumkot, the trail doesn’t pass through actual Tumkot village. Which is on the south of the trail about 20 minutes to reach. Lies the only Sakya monasteries in Humla- Dhungkar Choezom Monastery.

Day 9- To Thado Dhunga

The trek for this day is 7 hours and from Tumkot the way gets even more rocky and dirt roads. After reaching Pani Palwang it’s one and half hour to reach Thado Dhunga and the camping site is near the Yari village.

 Day 10- To Hilsa from Yari through Nara La pass

This day will take about a 5-6 hours trek where it goes through Nara La pass, with a big pile of stones. Some Tibetan prayer flags and big tents as some tent hotels. From the past it is now to Hilsa which is close to the border with Tibet.

Day 11- Hilsa to Manipeme

During the peak season in Hilsa thousands of Indian pilgrims visit to cross the border towards Mt.Kailash in Tibet. It is 3-4 hours of trek this day after crossing Humla Karnali river and heading towards Limi Valley. And setting the camp at Manipeme.

Day 12- To Til Village

The trek to Til village takes about 7 hours and it is tough. Covered with barley fields and closest village to the Tibet-China border. With 30 families and 3 settlements and the 300 years old monastery named Kunzum Nag.

Day 13- To Chagzur hot spring through Halji

Halji- the biggest village in Limi valley where there exist an 800 years old monastery; Rinchhen Ling Gompa. The trek will take overall 7 hours where we walk through Halji village and Jang village (1.5 hours from Halji). And finally to Chagzur village.

Day 14- Rest day at Chagzur hot spring

It’s a rest day- where you can relax in a hot spring bath or you can do your laundry. An opportunity to have a beautiful view of Mansarovar Lake and Mt. Kailash from Lapcha Syar (4900m). By hiring a truck from there through Tibet which takes about 5-6 hours till we return back to the campsite.

 Day 15- To Nyalu Basecamp/ Jade

About 7 hours of trek this day and have two options to Nyalu base camp. A shorter path through the new road and a longer route through Tagtsi having even much beautiful scenery.

Day 16- To Sheng Jungma

The trek for this day consists of some heavenly views of mountain ranges, Shelima lake, Tshongsa river, Tshongsi Tsan waterfall, rhododendron forests. After 7 hours of trek it is to the thicker jungle habitat, Sheng Jungma.

Day 17- To Langdogd Base

Starting from the left bank of Zhetse river to the camp of Chyadok village and to the campsite of Langdogd Base (Dinga village).

Day 18- To Lekh Dinga

From the Langdogd Pass, steep descends through birch and juniper forests to Takhor Khola. And about 1.5 hours walk Lekh Dinga also called Laga Dinga (Trading center for the Limi and southern Humla people).

Day 19- To Simikot

Last day of the trek starts by passing Yapka and Tangin village, steep descends to Yapka river. Towards Okreni- a Thakuri village and to Simikot  about 3 hours of walk. And finally to the district capital of Humla – Simikot after 15 minutes downhill. An overnight rest in a guest house after 7 hours of walk.

Day 20- To Simikot- Nepalgunj- Kathmandu

End of a long trek journey and somewhat of guilt to leave this heavenly place. After breakfast. flight to Nepalgunj and to Kathmandu.

  • Highest Elevation: 4100m
  • Population: 1000+


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