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Kyanjin Gompa

Anisha Rauniyar June 27, 2020

Numerous individuals spending 8 to 9 days and join it with the Gosaikunda Trek. While this implies you get the chance to encounter both notable path inside a restricted measure of time, we chose to adopt an alternate strategy. Rather than hurrying down the valley once we had reached Kanjin Gompa, we chose to move slowly and remain two or three days extra in Kanjin Gompa. In any case, what is there to do there? This is the means by which we went through our three days in the 3860 meter-high town.


At the point when you remain in Kanjin Gompa you will see the Langtang Lirung Glacier approaching over the town, encompassed by the pinnacles of Langtang Lirung, Changbu and Langtang Yubra. When we got the principal look at it we realized that we needed to scale to get a more critical glance at this astonishing characteristic site.

From the religious community you can simply follow the way driving up towards the ice sheet. After around an hour you should begin a precarious move until you arrive at a level, from where you can appreciate the icy mass. There is a way that leads much nearer towards it, yet for us this was the end as an extremely antagonistic yak was obstructing our direction. Subsequent to having trekked up the Langtang Valley for four days, we wouldn’t fret a brief day, and had an incredible excursion on head of the stones on the level territory.


The following day we chose to go slowly again and move up to a lake we had seen from the icy mass the day preceding. It didn’t appear to have a name. To arrive at it we went down to the cloister once more, crossed the stream and followed a few funnels tough. After a very steep rising we arrived at the lake.We tailed one of the ways to one side of the lake until we found a spot to sit and have another outing.

Sitting by the lake, getting a charge out of some rotis moved with omelet from our guesthouse, was actually what we required after the four days of voyaging and climbing rapidly. It is conceivable to stroll around the whole lake and draw nearer to the icy mass on the opposite side, however on this day, we chose to simply appreciate the landscape without strolling excessively.


On the third day we set the greatest test for ourselves: to ascend to the Kyanjin Ri perspective that we had seen approaching over the town the past couple of days. A few ways drove towards the perspective, and we began exceptionally persuaded. The way wound ever more elevated, and got more extreme and more extreme. At the point when we were there it hadn’t came down for a long time and the conditions were generally excellent, however I would not have any desire to climb that way after downpour, or even snowfall.

After an ascension that appeared to be any longer than it really was (and some heart-halting minutes when my little girl remained at the edge of a 100 meter drop!) we showed up at the main perspective. In an ocean of supplication hails several seats were set the ideal spot for a little break. The view from here was at that point fantastic, and the town down in the valley resembled a toy town. We could see far down the valley, and Tibet appeared to be just a short distance away.

After a snappy nibble we proceeded with the edge to arrive at the subsequent view point further up. The rising was very alarming – the edge dropped vertically to one side and still steeply to the correct side. By the by, we moved at a subterranean insect’s slither and around 45 minutes after the fact we remained on the Kyanjin Ri perspective, at 4600 meters. From that point we could see the icy mass and lake once more, yet this time from the top. We remained quite a while taking in this stunning perspective, with just the sound of petition banners fluttering in the breeze.

From here, you have an astonishing perspective on the bowl-formed valley that is encircled by dazzling pinnacles. During the three hours we spent up there we saw a few little torrential slides descending the mountain inclines, each seeming like a tremendous blast. Sitting in this captivating and hallowed scene in complete quietness – with the exception of the common hints of the day off, icy mass and a couple of creatures – was one of my preferred encounters of the trek. Indeed, even my 8-year-old little girl stayed there peacefully for some time, taking it all in.


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