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Kushe Aunsi

Anisha Rauniyar June 13, 2020

Hindu is observing Kushe Aunsi today by bringing kush, a blessed grass, into their homes. There is a strict conviction that keeping kush cut by the ministers brings prosperity to relatives.

The Father’s Day which is otherwise called Kushe Aunsi or Pitri Tirpani Aaunsi or Gokarne Aunsi. This day Nepali individuals pay their reverence to their dad with their preferred food, dress and other father’s preferred stuff.

kushe ausi

This is an uncommon day, individuals perceive and offer appreciation to their dad for his consideration and love to us (his youngsters and family) during his life. Thus, this day is classified “Babu ko Mukh herne commotion” . The strict importance of Mukh Herne is to see somebody’s face.

Kush is a kind of blessed grass. There is a convention to bring Kush home on this day of Aushi (no moon day). Subsequently, this day is called Kushe Aushi. The significance of Kush is clarified in Shreemad Bhagwat Gita, Vishnu Puran, Arthaved, and Garud Puran.

Kush welcomed home on Kushe Aushi day is utilized all the year long. Kush is significant grass and utilized in all the Hindu customs and Poojas in Nepal.

Today is otherwise called Gokarna Aunshi, individuals offer indulgences to their dads and get endowments from them. Those whose father is dead go to sanctuaries and perform shraddha. Fans crowd Gokarna of Kathmandu, Betrawati of Rasuwa, and Bishnupaduka of Dharan during the celebration.

Likewise, the 150th birth commemoration of Nepali litterateur Motiram Bhatta is being praised the country over by arranging various projects tomorrow. Bhatta had made an exceptional commitment to Nepali writing.

This is an exceptional day separate for the worship of one’s dad. On this promising day, children just as little girls return home to meet and invest quality energy with their dads. Home-cooked indulgences, desserts, meat and different endowments are offered to all dads.

On the avenues are seen hitched girls with treats advancing toward their maternal home to meet, regardless of how bustling their timetable is. Numerous individuals praise this celebration by offering supplications to the Shiva altar at Gokarna Temple. Individuals additionally visit the sanctuary at Gokarna or other heavenly places to perform “shradh” in memory of their perished fathers.

In Father’s day, he who has just lost his dad recollect him giving Sida daan to pandit (Sida is heavenly blend of rice grains and other unadulterated food materials with garments).

Gokarana and Kushe Aunsi

A few men in Kathmandu go to Gokarna (a spot east in Kathmandu) to do the Sraddha or pinda daan to their perished father and some do Shradha at home or at the close to stream or at any heavenly spot close by.

As per legend, when Shiva and Parbati vanished from Himalaya parbat. All the divine beings were extremely astonished and begun looking through them all over the universe. Brahma and different divine beings, got Lord Shiva and his significant other Parvati in Deer’s lives covering up in Sleshmantak woodland in Pashupatinath.

The “Buck” Shiva was gotten by Brahma by his horns. Horns of Shiva turned out in Brahma’s grasp. At that point Lord Shiva asked Brahma and Bishnu to set up those horns as Shiva linga in some place in Nepal as they might suspect fit. Brahma put it in Gorkarna. From that point forward, It is accepted that adoring Shiva in Gokarneshwor Mahadev and doing pinda daan (reverence to dead individuals) is likeness visiting Gaya multiple times (Gaya is another Hindu sacred spot).


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