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Kumari: The Living Goddess

Subash Shrestha May 24, 2020

Kumari is regarded as the living Goddess of Nepal. She represents Saraswati, Ugrata, Bajra Devi on Vajrayana Sect in Mahayana Buddhism with power integral at Hinduism and Buddhism tradition.


kumari goddess

Kumari is member of Eight Mother of Goddesses. People believe that during Malla regime the King used to dice with Goddess Taleju in a secret room. One day King lost his patience to the beautiful Goddess. Even his family members were peering. Due to this the Goddess disappeared. After that the King dreamt overnight. In his dream, Goddess Taleju advised to elect a prebuscent girl as her manifestation. From that incident onward, the selection of Kumari is still ongoing.

Criteria for selection

The selection of Kumari is a rare thing with specific characteristics to have. Kumari is seleted from Shakya family and even a small cut mark, scar is not eligible. There are some physical requirement like black eyes, hair, cow-like eyelashes, twenty unbroken teeth. Also the girl should be a virgin of not having any disfigurement. She should have 32 noble virtues of Hindu culture.

Similarly, one of the criteria is that the girl should be able to spend the night alone in courtyard with the severed heads of animals. If she is able to show her courage and fearlessness the she is eligible.Afterward she is treated as Goddess. She wont be setting foot on the ground outside Kumari Bahal and she will leave her family. And has to let go everything from her past life and live a unique lifestyle than other normal girls. Kumari takes a ride in her chariot.

Being Kumari is living a strict and unique life which only few can get. Not everyone is eligible for that. And those who are for selection has to go through various tests. Politicians, leaders and everyone worships and this culture has a significant value on Nepalese history and culture.


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