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Koto Restaurant

Anisha Rauniyar July 18, 2020

Take the begrimed steps by UCB in Durbar Marg and you arrive at Koto Restaurant. Probably the most seasoned café gaining practical experience in Japanese – on the main floor. Done in a run of the mill Japanese stylistic theme with wooden-glass entryways . An open kitchen, the spot offers a splendid assortment of guest plans . An open space of wooden seats disregarding the street with lights hanging over. A smoking zone with low tables on the farthest end. A little no-smoking setting with dark Noren window ornaments hanging in the middle.

koto restaurant

The last time we were there for a late evening supper, we involved the farthest corner in the floor seating space. The administration staff in conventional Japanese clothing, who tailed us from the entryway. Until we settled in, presented to us the menu and another brought us warm clammy hand towels to wipe hands with. My preferred part is the point at which the person acquires the Waribashi – un-lacquered bamboo chopsticks jointed on the dull end. The matte surface is incredible for learners and to a great extent favored via prepared clients – for its never-been-utilized property.

We started with the omnipresent Miso soup. Meagerly spiced with dices of tofu and insignificant greens, it smells as elevating as could be. The Japanese form is less sharp than its Korean partner and fills an extraordinary need when you’re extremely ravenous and anticipating some strong food. In contrast to most different spots, the soup here comes just in bowls. You don’t get the chance to request ace servings and various void dishes. The stunt with a Japanese menu is in getting the request right. Soups are typically complimentary, so it bodes well to review the request for the quantity of soup bowl.s That turn up on the table once you’re finished with requesting. I give my own model – we’d requested a set menu which implied a bowl of soup less.

The Veggie tempura is a workmanship with introduction. The fresh and light hitter encases a wide range of veggies – greens, onion cuts, dark mushrooms, carrots – comprehensive. The ginger soy plunge is medium – not very solid – and accommodates an amazing plunge if the tempura alone tastes rather flat. Take alert with the wasabi however – you’ll in any case be puffing hot steam from your nose and ears. It’s a culinary atomic bomb directly from Japan.


I love the rearranged sushi here – modified in sense that the weed goes within and the rice unguarded outwardly with a liberal sprinkle of white sesame. In the event that the possibility of crude meat doesn’t sound satisfactory to you (too), you could generally go for the Prawn tempura sushi. The prawn is delicious, smells not at all like the standard prawn and the sushi itself is very swelled. I question if kids are in for the sushi in a solitary chomp. I love the Kikkoman that tags along yet make it a highlight ensure I don’t abuse it; else the sushi is in all worn spots.

The Yakitori Don – grill chicken with rice is a similarly charming charge. Charcoal-barbecued sticks of chicken and shallots in gentle flavors and spices served on a bowl of clingy rice makes for a stomach-loaded with charm alone. Spare some Miso soup for a few spoonfuls of rice with it – amazing. The delicate chicken goes very well with the rice and supplements the impartial flavor with a rich delicious encounter. The Ginger pork, notwithstanding, isn’t uncommon. Done in a bed of onions and gingers, it looks rather uninviting, on account of its unassuming appearance.

  • Address: Durbar Marg, Kathmandu 44600
  • Contact: +97714220346
  • Rating:


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