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Corona Update Nepal

KL Tower

Abhishek Subedi June 1, 2020

KL tower is one of the leading malls inside the Kathmandu valley. It is the multi-dimensional mall in the busiest street of the valley. The mall is located in the Chabahil of Kathmandu valley. It is the biggest mall and especially popular in their own community as a community mall providing total faculties ranging from attractive fashion stores to cinema hall to restaurants to recreational centers. It is dedicated to enhance the customer experience in near future. The mall features multiple branded stores, food courts, rooftop restaurant and lounge, kids playground, movie theater and underground parking. The mall has been in service to the people for about a decade. It is also the favorite place for the youngsters to hang out during their free time. The movie theater and gaming zone of the mall is most popular among the people.

KL Tower

Attractions in KL Tower

The main attraction of the mall is gaming centres for the game lovers and  its movie theatre with the comfortable sitting arrangements. Visitors can indulge themselves with a unique shopping delight from premium brands and best class accessories from the shops where they showcase their masterpieces.  The mall is spread over about 100,00 square feet  with the different food stalls and restaurants. This mall also has the banking service and beauty service.

1. Shopping centers

The visitors can enjoy the different brands of shoes, clothes and ornaments from around here. It has got all from fancy items to formal items. They can also try branded beauty products to bags. There is an authentic store of FARMASI cosmetics where females can buy authentic and natural products of  skincare, fragrance, beauty products, baby care, lotions and moisturizers. It is the famous European brand that is famous all over the world. The customers can also buy branded watches from the Time Zone International Multi Brands. It is a great shop with a variety of branded and designer watches.

KL Tower

The mall also has branded Nepali store Sonam where customers can buy a wide range of winter wears, sport wears, shoes  and summer wears for both male and female. These all stores are on the ground floor of the mall. They can also enjoy the products of Japan like beauty products, cosmetics, snacks, accessories all in Mini Soe Japan. The customers can also try cute and pretty nail art at the ground floor. As we go further to explore the mall we can see the foreign branded store of Reebok.  You can buy the authentic branded items like shoes, jeans, sportswear, winter wear and summer wear in this store. Lee is another store in which we can buy a variety of designer jeans, shorts, shirts and more.  There are also other stores where you can purchase the good quality of items.

2. Beauty Centers

KL Tower has the famous beauty parlour and hair dresser in town named  Neel David’s Unisex salon.  It provides many beauty services such as hair cutting and styling,  make up for special occasions or casual make up, manicure and pedicure and  facial treatments. This salon is the most renowned salon in Nepal. It is known to be a famous salon for celebrities as well as common people.  It also has the facial works and body shaping centre which has provided services to lots of ladies.

3. Kids playground

The mall also features a separate play station for the kids under age of 5.  The parents can leave their child under the care of the staff also or they can be with their child. The playground contains swings, slides, toys, balls, play houses and ferries.

4. Gaming Centers

KL Tower, mall is also famous for its gaming centre. It is the hub for the many youngsters to enjoy their free time. The mall has a pooling zone where customers who are fond of billiards can enjoy this game with their friends.  It also features a bowling centre that is competitive in nature and can challenge their friends to the bowling game.  The mall consists of other centres like video gaming centre, basketball centre and many more.

5. Movie Theater

The Fcube cinema hall is the newest hall in the Kathmandu valley equipped with the cutting edge technologies like Dolby 3 Ware Digital sound systems and digital 2k projection view. There are three movie theatres namely Cube 1, Cube 2 and Cube 3. The hall has the capacity of about 600 people, 200 people in each theatre. There is  also a snack bar, coffee station at the movie theatre where customers can buy popcorns, chips, soft drinks, desserts and coffee. The ticket price ranges from the NRs 200 to 350 and the customers have to pay extra NRs 50 for 3D shows. 

KL Tower
6. Restaurants and eateries

The mall is also the location of the  many famous restaurants and bars. It has the best and fine restaurants and cafes around the mall.

KL Tower
  • Hive Lounge

This beautiful lounge bar is located at the 5th floor of the KL tower. It is a perfect place to hang out with a group of friends, family and loved ones. The lounge has the ample space, beautiful seating arrangement and friendly staff. The restaurant serves the menu from breakfast to dinner where customers can enjoy the varieties of dishes. The dishes here promise to satisfy your palate as well as a rumbling stomach.  The lounge offers quality food and prompt service. It serves the wide range of International and continental cuisines. The menu is well priced and the customers can enjoy their dish with the amazing night view of the Kathmandu valley. 

It also has a separate bar area  where customers can enjoy the wide range of drinks from the menu. The bar section of the lounge serves varieties of hard drinks, wines, beverages, mocktails, cocktails, smoothies, fresh juices and refreshments. The customers can enjoy their drinks over the conversation with loved ones, family and friends.  

  • Impasto Pizzeria

This is another restaurant in the mall which is mainly famous for the pizzas’ menu. The visitors can enjoy the varieties of pizza with their choice of toppings. There are also other dishes than pizza to enjoy from the menu. They also offer a wide range of beverages, smoothies, milkshakes, refreshments and soft drinks.  The most famous dish on the menu is BBQ Chicken Spicy pizza.

  • Lekali Beanz Coffee

Lekali Beanz Coffee is the small and quiet cafe on the ground floor of the mall. It offers freshly brewed coffee, milkshakes and cold coffee. Those who have sweet teeth can enjoy the cake, pastries, muffin, tarts and pies here.

There are also multiple food stalls which offer tasty and beautiful dishes ranging from dumplings to laughing( Tibetan dish) to ice cream to other stick food.

7. House of candy

It is the candy shop that features varieties of candy you can pick from. This shop sells a number of candy items such as jellies, sugar candies, hard candies, lollipops and sours, liquorice, chewing gums and caramel squares. 

Sites from Mall

  • Boudhanath Stupa
  • Hyatt Regency Hotel
  • Pashupatinath Temple
  • Guheshwori Temple
  • Buddha Park
  • Swayambunath Stupa

The mall is the perfect place to roam around with family and friends during the free time of ours. We can satisfy our shopping with the branded and authentic items as well as fancy clothing stores. The mall restaurants serve many international and Nepali cuisine which promises you to satisfy your taste buds and hungry stomach.

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