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Kirateshwar Mahadev

Anisha Rauniyar June 9, 2020

The Kirateshwar Mahadev Temple is situated inside the Pashupatinath region. It lies among Pashupatinath and Gujeshwori, on the east bank of the River Bagmati. What pulls in individuals isn’t only the sanctuary, however the full-moon traditional music show that happens each full-moon night.

The Kirateshwar Sangeet Ashram is a music establishment that shows old style music and furthermore sorts out the full moon shows. It was built up in 1991. Different exercises incorporate showing vocals and instruments and holding rivalries among the understudies and so on.

Sangeet Ashram

When a year, the understudies of the Ashram take part in the under-18 music rivalry. Vocals, instruments, and cadence are the three classes among which the members are judged. The champ, alongside money prize and a one-year grant, gets an opportunity to perform at the full-moon show. The show additionally allows the understudies to grandstand their ability.

Kirateshwar Sangeet Ashram was established for the improvement of old style music in Nepal. The full-moon show has been a heritage that returns 25 years and proceeds right up ’til the present time. In any event, when the region was experiencing extreme occasions and a time limit was forced, these traditional shows despite everything occurred in the nighttimes. The shows are free and everybody is invited. Broadly and globally acclaimed old style artists are welcome to perform here, on the full-moon day of every month. The show for the most part happens from 4 pm to 7 pm.

They make relieving music with old style instruments and vocals..Tabla (a membranophone percussion instrument), woodwind, harmonium, sitar are a portion of the consistently utilized instruments.during these shows. There is a tranquil air when music dominates.

kirateshwor mahadev

Fundamental Attraction

The fundamental fascination of the sanctuary are the celebration of the Bala Chaturdashi, which is seen in November–December consistently and the Shiv Ratri otherwise called Maha Shivaratri which falls in the long stretch of February or March each year. There are different sanctuaries devoted to Lord Rama and Durga can be found here making it a significant journey goal for Hindus.

Recorded Background

As per Hindu convictions, satisfied with Arjuna’s hard atonement and commitment, Lord Shiva showed up before him in the very spot where the sanctuary lies as tracker Kirateshwar or Lord of the Kiratas and favored him with achievement in the Mahabharat War. Quite a while back as the individuals discovered wonderfully existed a stone showing Shiva Ling. The said Shiv Ling is the fundamental model of love. Conviction of numerous that a unimportant encounter with genuine dedication to this sanctuary satisfies one’s desires especially a desire for child or little girl and furthermore wants for harmony amicability and great wellbeing.


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