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Corona Update Nepal

Kanjirowa East Expedition

Anisha Rauniyar July 6, 2020

Inside Sheyphoksundo National Part at a rise of 6612 m in the Dolpo area, a wonderful, acclaimed and second tallest heap of the region finds. Putha, Dogari, Samjang and Sisne mountains are its neighbors, lies on the south. This mountain is known by two names; Gangchhenralwa Himal and Kanjirowa Himal.


Being a piece of Kanjirowa Himalaya, it shapes a different Himalaya towards South China, Tibet so it holds its own character and significance. Japanese were the first to endeavor its expeditionand numerous othernational and outside climbers too endeavored the campaign without enough supporting verifications. In the current year by May month, Nepali investigate group, “Kanjirowa Himal Explore and Study Expedition 2016” additionally endeavored the undertaking and effectively stepped on the second Summit edge of this himal which gave extremely instructive and significant information with respect to its campaign. As per this Nepali Explore group of 2016, the south edge is simple and more secure when contrasted with different areas for its undertaking. Dho-Tarap town is the last human settlement in this area.This pinnacle is developing quickly in the market other than its couple of well established realities.

The different pieces of fascination are the self wonderful Kajirowa Himal standing right on the Sheyphoksundo Lake, the excellent towns with various ethnics and their way of life. We can likewise carry on the great time in the Sheyphoksundo National Park inside this campaign.


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