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Kanchemba : Thakali buckwheat fries

Anisha Rauniyar July 13, 2020

I had my first taste of buckwheat fries, or ‘kanchemba’. At a Thakali eatery in Pokhara a couple of years back. I went to the spot for some dal bhat, reputed to be truly outstanding around. Be that as it may, at that point, I saw kanchemba on the menu. I had never known about it, and as new nourishments consistently energize me, I requested the dish. Presented with a timmur-stew achaar, the fries didn’t have an articulated flavor in that capacity. Yet were delectable and sort of addictive: firm outside, however delicate inside with a trace of buckwheat pleasantness.


Buckwheat is a staple food of the Thakalis. On the off chance that you visit Mustang in pre-winter, fields are secure with buckwheat blossoming. Two assortments of buckwheat are develop in Nepal: regular buckwheat (mithe phapar) and tartary buckwheat (tite phapar), with their trademark severe flavor. Basic buckwheat is develop in all districts—the Tarai, Mid-slopes, and the Himalayas, while Tartary buckwheat is become distinctly in higher rises as a result of its cool safe component.

Thakalis make an assortment of dishes from buckwheat flour, most normally roti (unleavened hotcake) and dhido or syangden (thick porridge). Buckwheat flour dumplings are cook with dry mountain goat meat and vegetables to make soup known as alangkhu. Flour player is fill inside the mountain goat’s digestive system to make a wiener like dish known as dong. Buckwheat greens are likewise devour, for the most part in the winter. They are safeguard for the cold by sun drying them, and are cook with dry meat or blood frankfurter into soup called dhopra-khu.


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