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Kalinchowk Journey

Rai Sonang February 1, 2020

Kalinchowk is one of the most popular destinations of Nepal. It is located in north-east and approximately 150 km away from the capital of Himalayas, Kathmandu. It is located at the altitude of 3847m from the sea level in Dolakha district.

Kalinchowk Bhagwati temple is situated at the top of the hill about 5 km uphill walk from Kuri village. Cable car facility is also available to reach the top of the hill if you are short on time. But it is best to walk to the top of the hill as it is filled with rhododendron forest. Also, you will pass through stone stupa- like commemorative structures which were built by the local people of Kuri village. Mainly Sherpa, Tamang and brahmin in memory of their ancestors.

Nepal, where heaven starts.

Kalinchowk trek consists of the Kathmandu-Charikot-Kuri-Kalinchowk route. The roads to these destinations are challenging yet fantastic. While passing through these challenges, you can enjoy the scenic view, breeze of Himalayas. The thrill of public/private transportation and many more that are possessed by few countries like Nepal.

Kalinchowk Bhagwati – Goddess for fulfilling the pilgrim’ pray and desire. Not only the religious value, but it also possesses the scenic beauty that every explorer wants in his trekking/travel. The diverse religion adds more beauty to this place, you can enjoy the diversity of ethnicity and cultures and describes Nepal as culturally rich. The famous river like Sun Koshi and Tama Koshi originates from the Gaurishankar Conservation Area where this place lies.

Another most amazing fact about this place is that on a clear night Valley of Kathmandu can be seen illuminating with lights. The narrow trek route for hiking from Kuri Village usually call Goreto in local language has a steep climb that you can feel your legs being tired. Not only the trekking route for hikers, but it also has opened cable car service for those visitors who will feel the difficulties of Hills.

This place is mostly visited during the Janai Purnima and Chaite Dashain, one of those major festival of Hindu Devotees. During winter, most people visit this place for snow playing and scene that will melt your heart. Not only domestic tourists are attracted by the place, but international tourists also visit this place like other destination. The place becomes extraordinary during winter by the white covered snow and those Himalayas surrounding them.

Some of the visitors have described Kalinchowk as the Paradise. This place consists all the thing that you need as a traveler for your enjoyment.

Nepal, Land of Buddha & Mount Everest, yet provides the natural & cultural diversity with “Athiti Devo Bhava – Guests are the Gods.” Visit Nepal for your lifetime experience that will last forever.


Located at an altitude of 3842m above the sea level and 150 kilometers away from Kathmandu, Kalinchowk is a quick city escape which lies in Dolakaha district, Kalinchowk VDC. It is about 132 kilometers from Kathmandu to Charikot, 18 km off road up to Kuri Village and an hour hike from there.

  • Highest Elevation: 3425m
  • Lowest Elevation: 2999m
  • Population: 500


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