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Anisha Rauniyar June 10, 2020

Kalikasthan is a holy temple of goddes Kali. Kali Devi is the extraordinary goddess of the Hindus, the associate of Shiva, and she is loved in different structures relating to her two perspectives: altruism and furiousness. She is Uma, ‘light’; Gauri, ‘yellow or splendid’; Parvati, ‘the mountain dweller’; and Jagatmata, ‘the-mother-of-the-world’ in her milder appearance. Her awful spreads are Durga, ‘the out of reach’; Kali, ‘the dark’; Chandi, ‘the savage’; and Bhairavi, ‘the awful.’

She is additionally called by numerous different names, including Ambika, ‘mother’. As Parvati, she is known as the awesome mate of Lord Shiva and is the mother of two children, Ganesha and Karttikeya, and little girl Jyoti. As the Destroyer of Demons, she is venerated during a yearly celebration called Durga Puja.


A popular type of the goddess Durga, the Goddess of Kalikasthan, is likewise given proper respect during Dasain. The sanctuary is situated at Kalikasthan at Dillibazar (in downtown Kathmandu). The sanctuary is arranged on the upper story of a house. The clerics remain on the ground floor while the goddess’ dwelling place is upstairs. This Kalika is viewed as one of the most regarded of Kali’s capacity communities. Each Saturday and during the Navaratha (Dasain), there is high number of visits to the goddess. She isn’t without admirers on ordinary days either.

It is said that when Kaushiki Devi was delivered from the group of Parvati, her body was changed into dark, along these lines the name Kali., the ‘dark’ one, was given.

Since 1900 on the Nepali schedule (1957 AD), the Maha Shakti in bodily form and the relatives of Shiv Kali’s ministers (pujaris) began from Harka Bahadur Shrestha (a Newar) who originated from Thimi, close Bhaktapur. His lone kid, a young lady named Krishna Kumari Shrestha, wedded a kid named Man Bahadur Khadka, a non-Newar. Directly, their descendents are the principle clerics of the sanctuary. Kush Khadka and his better half Sabitri Khadka and their youngsters Kishan and Kiran Khadka take care of the sanctuary.

The goddess cherishes free sky, she needs to see everything, all over, so she doesn’t have a rooftop over her head, says the priestess of Kalikasthan. It is said that when Harka Bahadur came in this spot it was a timberland, and he was lying in one corner in the shade of a tree when a Rana Prime Minister cruised by. Harka informed the ruler concerning his fantasy and the discussion with the goddess and her desire to construct a sanctuary for her. An aficionado of Kali, the Rana ruler talented him the land and the consent to manufacture the sanctuary.


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