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Kailali District

Anisha Rauniyar July 21, 2020

Kailali District with Dhangadhi as its region central station is situate in the Far-West Development Region ( Seti Zone). It’s one among the District situate in Terai of Seti Zone which is know for its own regular excellence, biodiversity, and social significance. It Covers a piece of 3,235 sq. km and contains a populace (2011) of 775,709 which is flanked by Bardiya and Surkhet in East, Kanchanpur in West, Doti, and Dadeldhura in North and India In the south. In spite of the fact that it’s a region situate in Terai however around 40% of this District is settle in the crag area. Dhangadhi is a focal point of fascination of Kailali locale as well as of the whole Seti zone. The region moreover contains Tikapur Park, one among the greatest parks in Nepal, and Godha-Ghodi Tal (lake) arranged at Sukhad Kailali.

Spots To Visit in Kailali

Karnali Bridge:

This Bridge is in the eastern piece of the Kailali District in Chisapani on the Mahendra course. This is frequently the subsequent example scaffold of Asia which has a solitary single post for its help. This extension is the associating scaffold of the far west with the elective piece of Nepal. The incredible structure of the extension, cold and contemporary air and dark blue water streaming waterway pulls in all. The Delicious fish of Karnali additionally are drawing in purposes of Karnali Bridge.

karnali bridge kailali district
Karnali Bridge
Tikapur Park:

This park is situated in Tikapur region. This park is situated inside the bank of Karnali waterway and which covers a piece of twelve bighas and We can arrive at this spot by going around six km from Tikapur. The alluring blossoms and furthermore the drawing in common woodland makes you lose in this spot.


Dolphin is another fascination of this District. We will see Dolphin in the Karnali waterway, Pathariya stream. Dolphin once in a while ventures out from India to the ebb and flow place when the water level of those streams are high. It’s accepted that there is around 100 Dolphin of Platanista gangetica species in the Karnali locale. We can see Dolphin getting a charge out of Hide and look for in these waterways.

Ghoda Ghodi Lake:

It’s situated in the eastern piece of Kailali District which contacts Darakh, Sadepani and Ram Shikhar Jhala VDC. It covers a segment of one hundred and 38 Hector. This lake is as a hand. There is 14 lake around this lake. We will discovered very 450 sorts of plants, 148 sorts of fowls, 32 sorts of butterflies, 300 sorts of medication and twenty-seven sorts of fish. It’s a profundity of 1 meter to 4 meters.

Ghodaghodi Taal
  • Population: 775,709


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