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Kaguno Kheer

Anisha Rauniyar July 13, 2020

Kaguno (foxtail millet) is the grain I am infatuate with. It is an old grain, a kind of millet, which is likewise consider as an originally tame assortment of millet. In Nepal, it is develope in numerous mid-slope territories in Karnali locale, Lamjung and Kaski. In contrast to different assortments of millet. It has extremely delicate and smooth surface when cooked, and makes extremely delectable kheer (sweet porridge). I for one incline toward the kheer made of kaguno than the common one made of rice.

kaguno kheer

Notwithstanding, for some, reasons including the change towards rice as the fundamental staple, its creation is declining. At the point when I indicated Kaguno grain to my mom and cooked her the kheer, she perceived the grain and revealed to me that she had expended when youthful. Her folks used to develop the grain and call it ‘kauno’. As indicate by her, the grain didn’t require an appropriate field to develop – they were develope in messy land or khoriya where maize and pearl millet were not developed. In any case, individuals no more develop the grain here and has totally vanished. I am planning to reintroduce this beautiful grain back to that zone.

Kaguno (Foxtail Millet)

It is handily develop in a less prolific dry land and is nutritious with a high substance of protein, fiber, and minerals, non-diabetic and sans gluten. It very well may be cook basically as rice (bhaat) or made into kheer or serving of mixed greens (kaguno plate of mixed greens with simmered mustard oil dressing). The grain is likewise utilize in preparing neighborhood liquor and flour is utilize in making roti and selroti.


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