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Anisha Rauniyar June 8, 2020

Jumla is one of the most remarkable district in Karnali Zone. It is the most elevated height on the planet where rice development is possible(ranges from around 24,00 to 3,000 m. elevation). Jumli Marshi, an ancestral rice variety of Japonica with a cold resistant gene, is possibly grown in Jumla on the banks of the Tila River since 1,300 years ago. Both the Tila Valley and the Sinja Khola Valley are covered with paddy fields that cultivate the rice variety ‘Kala Marshi,’ a rare red rice that is sought after for its special taste. Jumla is also well-known for its products. It is a heaven with orchards teeming with apple varieties from July to August.

On earth, it’s another corner of heaven. The picturesque landscapes, rich wildlife and fascinating people and culture will surely amaze travelers. Its headquarters, Jumla Khalanga, is situated in a high altitude valley (2480 m). The nearby mountains create a dramatic background from the city centre. You will ascend the nearby hills to experience panoramic views of hills and mountains interlocking with each other.

The mountains of Danphe and Patmara form an instructive divider in the North. The Danphe Pass (3550 m) needs to be crossed while doing the Rara Trek. Due to the steep and tricky route, and zillions of parasites, the growing to Danphe and Patmara is quite challenging, particularly during the stormy season. Regardless, it’s an elating experience and if you get to the top, the payoff is grand view.


The Jumla Kingdom was one of the numerous realms that specked Nepal before its reunification by King Prithvi Narayan Shah of Gorkha and later by his more youthful child Bahadur Shah. The realm was established around 1404 when Baliraja, who wedded the little girl of the last leader of the Yatse (Malla) Kingdom, succeeded his dad in-law.

It was one of western Nepal’s most impressive realms, being one of the Karnali locale ‘s 22 Baise principalities that once had been a piece of the larger Yatse Kingdom. After a long period of intermittent fighting it conquered the Mustang domain in 1760. The Jumla realm successfully defended itself against King Prithivi Narayan Shah ‘s key attack in the late eighteenth century, and tradition also has it that he got harmed in battle. Afterwards, Bahadur Shah assaulted again and added Jumla for the lords of Gorkha in 1789 with the aid of the domains encompassing Jumla. The Jumla rulers were like the Gorkha Kings, like Thakuris (Sijapati, Malla, Shahi).

Things you can do while you’re in Jumla:

  1. Check out Apple Gardens
    In Nepal, Jumla ranks first in production of Apple. You will see apple gardens when you’re on your way, because nearly every single house has at least one apple tree. In the meantime, you should tour factories making apple alcohol, too.
  2. Relaxing at Tatopani
    Taking a nice and relaxing bath at Tatopani near Khalanga bazaar after a hectic and tiring day at work, you can relax. For as long as you like, you will appreciate the hot water bath and recover and rejuvenate from the shining sun and tiring day.
  3. Travel to Sinja Valley
    You should most likely visit the Sinja Valley as you will have the opportunity to see amazing scenes, get in touch with people who communicate in Kha ‘s language, sanctuaries, old engravings, and meet with people living in Jumla nearby.
  4. Visit Jumla Bazar(otherwise called Khalanga)
    As the Jumla district headquarters, the bazaar is well fitted with proper facilities such as highways, power, a considerable number of colleges, airport and other big buildings. The bazaar’s key attraction is the Chandannath temple, where each morning and evening you will experience soulful musical aarati.
  5. Sightseeing of nature
    Jumla is surrounded by fascinating and beautiful sceneries. You can get a clear view of Mt. Kanjirowa, witness cultivable land and greenery as you walk along the Jumla roads. Roame around for 10-15 minutes and see the magnificent view of the ecosystems.
  6. Trek to Rara, Humla and Dolpo (Shey Phokshundo)
    Jumla is the gateway to the Karnali region ‘s stunning yet less discovered destinations. Rara Lake in Mugu has been one of the most ideal goals to go lately. If you want to go to the glorious Rara Lake, you need to go through Sinja Valley, Malika Bota in Jumla and then Gamghadi in Mugu afterwards. Likewise, Jumla is wanted to experience Shey Phokshundo lake (one of Nepal’s least heard trekking goals) in Dolpa (although there’s another course to reach there).In addition to this, heavenly Kailash Mahansoravar trip to Tibet can also be made using Sinja, Jumla-Mugu-Humla-Tibet.

Jumla can be reached by plane, by bus or by jeep. An overland travel from Kathmandu to Jumla is a must for adventure-seekers, even at 30+ hours long.

Jumla Village

Snow is making the town appear positively hypnotizing throughout the winter. Be that as it might, trekking at this period is usually not advisable. June to October, because of its surrounding climate and greenery, is the best opportunity to visit Jumla.

  • Highest Elevation: 4679m
  • Lowest Elevation: 915m
  • Population: 108,921


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