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Juju Dhau: King of dahi’s

Anisha Rauniyar May 10, 2020

Juju Dhau is a popular Nepalese from yoghurt find, particularly in the Kathmandu Valley (Bhaktapur). The word “Dhau” means sweet yogurt, usually prepared by the Newars, an indigenous tribe of Nepal.

Juju Dhau simply means “King Yogurt” in the Newari language. Its rich custard, tastes like yogurt, comes from Bhaktapur, which is of prime importance at festivals. Originates from Bhaktapur, during the ancient Malla era, Juju Dhau can not only be reach in Bhaktapur. It can be found elsewhere in the Newar community, such as Kathmandu Valley and Patan.

juju dhau

Juju Dhau is usually from buffalo milk. First of all, buffalo milk is distill; once the milk has been drain, it is pour into a typical clay pot call as “kataura” or “maato ‘ko’ kataura.” Clay pots must be dry, but before this process, clay pots are plunged into the water. It keep them from absorbing the curd’s milk. No sugar is add here to bring sweetness, but spices such as coconuts, cardamom, etc. fpr sweetness in the mouth.

These clay pots, then, kept in warm places. Natural clays are porous, and as an advantage, they slowly help to evaporate milk. It converts milk into delicious, thick yogurt inside the clay pots.

It was so simple, rich and creamy in taste that Bhaktapur is a legendary and famous city in Nepal. Dhau defines “purity” and has become mandatory in many parts of festivals and religions in Nepal,.Such as Dashain, Tihar, Lohsar and many other pious festivals.

Juju Dhau

Juju dhau was considered a delicacy during the ancient Malla period and is still common today. No trip to Bhaktapur is complete without giving in to a bowl of juju dhau. No Newari party is through without the delicious creaminess remaining on your tongue. It’s a perfect treat for the taste buds.


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