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Jhapa – Around It

Anisha Rauniyar June 4, 2020

Jhapa may very well be the most assorted of Nepal’s regions. Out of the all out 126 stations/ethnic gatherings the nation over, Jhapa is home to 110 ethnic gatherings, including the jeopardized Santhal and Ganesh (Gangai) clans. Most of underestimated indigenous clans dwell in the southern piece of the area while Rajbanshi and Muslim people group live in flanking nearby units of Kachankawal and Kichakvadh.

Every people group found in Jhapa is as different and socially beautiful as the following. While celebrations, for example, Dadikado, Siruwa and Fagu are selective to Rajbanshis, Dashayen, Sorahaya and Faguwa are elite to the Santhals. As you move toward the northern belt of the locale towards Bahundangi, Arjundhara and Shivasatakshi zones, you’ll locate a social blend of individuals running from Kirats to Magars to Brahmins to Tamangs to Chhetris, etc.

It’s a given that a spot with such ethnic assorted variety in its kin has a similarly differing sense of taste to feature. Dishes like Bhakka (rice flour cake) and Machha-Murai (puffed rice with fish) that are local to the Rajbanshi people group are a portion of the unquestionable requirements when in Jhapa. Food sourced from the various waterways and streams are the pillar for local people so hope to discover stream crabs, snails and an assortment of fishes to include on your plate.

One of the ethnic networks to have affected the food propensities for local people here is the Limbu people group. Since pork assumes a significant job in a Limbu kitchen, it is profoundly fitting to attempt the acclaimed pork curry dish arranged with Yangben (wild palatable lichen). Dipin Rai, a neighborhood, talks profoundly of the nourishments that overwhelm the district while conveying various personalities yet meeting up consistently with the affection for local people for exploratory food sources.

Outside the energetic culture, Jhapa is additionally home to numerous strict goals and wetlands. Here are seven significant goals to visit for a healthy encounter of Jhapa.

Ladies from the Meche people group, a minimized network local to Jhapa, in their way of life clothing.

Satakshi Dham

Satakshi Dham is regularly called the “second Janakpurdham”. This strict site comes generally alive during the Hindu celebration of Bala Chaturdashi wherein individuals give recognition to their relatives and family members who’ve passed on the previous year.

The site has lakes, gardens and buckles—Pandav Bagaicha, Pandav Yagyakunda, Draupadi Talau, and Parbati Gufa. Satakshi Dham lies in Shivasatakshi Municipality, 38km northwest of Bhadrapur Airport in Chandragadi.

Arjundhara Dham

This spot is viewed as the Pashupatinath of the east. Nabin Gattani, director at the Dham, said that individuals from Darjeeling, Sikkim and north-east India are ordinary guests to the Dham. Binaya Pradhan, an Indian national, said that he came to think about Arjundhara Temple through online networking.


Biratpokhar is a chronicled the travel industry goal in Jhapa. There are seven lakes of different sizes here. Legend has it that these lakes have been set up since the hour of the Mahabharata. Legend has it that King Birat would go to the lakes here to extinguish his thirst. This spot is likewise similarly essential to keep up the environment of the district, local people say. Biratpokhar is one of the most noted locales in Birtamod Municipality and lies pretty much 4km away from the town of Birtamod.


Kichakavadh, which lies 10km from Bhadrapur Airport, is additionally one of Jhapa’s significant traveler goals conveying strict and authentic significance. Dil Bahadur Thebe, administrator at the Kichakawadh Conservation Committee, said that there are well known lakes, sanctuaries, and sculptures of different divine beings and goddesses in Kichakavadh region. An evil presence named Kichak was slaughtered here.That is the reason this spot has been named Kichakavadh.

As per legends, it is additionally where King Birat had developed Natya Ghar (a theater) during his rule. The Department of Archeology has been completing exhuming works each year here. During an ongoing removal, a group of archeologists had discovered 8-room building and different antiquities. As indicated by archeologists, these remaining parts and antiquities were 2,000 years of age.

A picturesque perspective on Hiledhap wetland.


Krishnathumki is encompassed in rich tempting legends. Local people talk about the stories went down through ages about how Lord Krishna used to nibble his bovines here. Mahendra Malla, a nearby, said that the spot was named after a slope Krishna was especially attached to munching his dairy animals on.

Krishnathumki makes for an extraordinary vantage point to see Mirik and Kurseong in the Darjeeling area in West Bengal, India. There are other five slopes bordering Krishnathumki. These pinnacles together are known as Pandavthumki.

Jamunkhadi Wetland

Consistently in excess of 5,000 household voyagers visit Jamunkhadi. Local people of the region and the ones living around the region favor this wetland as an excursion spot. The wetland is home to deer, panthers, porcupines, pangolins, among others. A relaxed pontoon ride on the Jamunkhadi lake will give you a look into the common territory of the untamed life.

Khyam Sitaula, executive of Jamunwari Community Forest, stated, “The zone is well known to the point that on some random occasion, local people pack the cookout crates and head around here.” The zone was created as a wetland zone approximately 11 years back.

Hiledhap Wetland

There are 17 lakes (with more than 1.7 million fish) in Hiledhap Wetland. There are likewise rushes of turkeys, chickens, and ducks here. Manjil Dewan, a nearby, said that they intend to begin a homestay in the territory sooner rather than later. He stated, “We are likewise considering working pontoons on the lake here. It will enable the guests to take in the view better.”


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