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Janakpur – Places around to visit

Anisha Rauniyar June 3, 2020

Janakpur, broadly known to be the origination of Goddess Sita and where she wedded Lord Ram. It is a city situated in the Terai locale of Nepal. It is additionally the managerial home office of the Dhanusa region. It is additionally affectionately referred to as the city of lakes as it holds in excess of seventy distinct lakes inside its delectable scene.

The Ramayana and its significance today can be learned here and a great many vacationers and travelers from all around the globe come here to visit this heavenly Hindu city. The propitious and bright celebrations that go on consistently, the charming climate, the amicable local people, and the staggering plan of the sanctuaries makes Janakpur a popular spot for the two explorers and vacationers the same.

The way of life of Janakpur is for the most part of Indian legacy, and it was likewise the capital of the antiquated realm of Mithila. The domain of which has now been separated among India and Nepal. The quantity of Maithili talking individuals today is in excess of 2 million and they are celebrated for their strikingly brilliant artistic creations.

History of Janakpur

As indicated by the Hindu fantasies of Ramayana, the first city of Janakpur was named after the leader of Mithila realm, King Janak. It is said that child Sita was found by the lord in a wrinkle of a field. He received her and raised her as his own girl. When Sita(also known as Janaki) turned 16, King Janak reported that whoever had the option to string the perfect bow of Shiva would be the one to wed Sita. Albeit numerous illustrious admirers attempted to string the awesome bow, just the ruler of Ayodhya, Lord Rama was effective. In addition to the fact that he strung the bow, yet he additionally snapped it in two as well. What’s more, in this way, Lord Rama was to be marry to Sita.

Between the tenth and the third century BC, Mithila realm controlled a huge piece of Northern India when it went under the control of the Mauryan Empire (321 to 185 BC) as per verifiable sources. The two extraordinary Mauryan Empires preferred the religions of Buddhism and Jainism, and both the incredible holy people Vardamana Mahavira (the 24th and last illuminated sage) of the Jain religion and Gautama Buddha (Founder of Buddhism) are said to have lived in Mithila. Until the seventeenth century, Janakpur mulled as a strict site for more than two centuries after the decay of the Mauryan Empire

Ram Mandir

Ram Mandir is situated around a 10-minute leave Janaki Mandir, directly inverse to Dhansagar. Many stone icons of Lord Shiva are dissipated on the correct side of the sanctuary.

Ram Mandir Tree

Ram Mandir is for the most part visited during the Ram Navami and Vivah Panchami. Unique bhajans are sung on the day as Ram Navami is the birth date of Ram. Between Ram Mandir and Janaki Mandir extraordinary conventional marriage customs are proceeded as codes that must be followed during Vivah Panchami. During the Dashain celebration, the Rajdevi Temple which is close by is richly enlivened.

A huge number of goats are yielded for the sake of Goddess Rajdevi on Maha Ashtami which is the eighth day of Dashain. As indicated by the individuals who have visited the sanctuary just as local people, the daytime is for adoring the sanctuary while the evening time is to delight in its excellence.

Gangasagar (lake)

Viewed as the sacred lake in Janakpur, Gangasagar gets its name from the words Ganga and Sagar. While Ganga means the heavenly stream in India, Sagar implies Pond which implies the water from this lake has been gotten from the Ganga. Petitions are performed on the stream banks during the night which makes the lake worth viewing. There is an exceptional reciting done while asking. Guests are permitted to go for a pontoon ride in any event, during the aarti time. Close to it is the Ratnasagar which means one lake. In November and April during the Chhath celebration, the sanctuaries are wonderfully enlivened.

Ganga Sagar Lake


Situated on the west bank of Gangasagar, some time ago Swargdwari used to be a burial ground yet now it has been moved toward a beautiful park adorned with blossoms and is home to a little Hindu sanctuary. The name Swargadwari is contained two words Swarg and Dwar. Swarg means paradise and Dwar means entryway. This spot is considered as a door to paradise for dead individuals.


Dhanushadham assumes a noticeable job in the Ramayana and it is found roughly 13 kilometers from Janakpur. As indicated by the legends, bits of the bow fell into Dhanushadham when Ram broke the heavenly bow so as to win Sita’s hand for marriage. Another lake having strict history, Parsuram Talau lies in transit to Dhanushadham from Janakpur. A solid snake structure and an almost 20 foot high Shiva icon is in the middle of the lake.

Nari Bikas Kendra

Nari Bikas Kendra means Women Development Center. This charitable focus is dealing with giving a sheltered and strong space for ladies from the Janakpur region and helping them to build up their abilities so they can acquire their job and become autonomous. This has brought about numerous ladies going to go into business because of the specialists’ helpful. Proficiency aptitudes, just as business preparing, are educated by the middle. This middle likewise has no judgment bolster meetings in which ladies can discuss their jobs in family and society. While at first, this spot spent significant time in the Mithila locale’s commonplace paper workmanship, it has now expanded it into sewing, earthenware production, screen printing and painting.

Mani Mandap

This is viewed as the first Vivah Mandap of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita and it lies in the Mujelia zone of Janakpur. There is a major region of soil-filled land and a little sanctuary structure. Before it is the Paisarni Sagar, where it is accepted to have washed Lord Rama’s feet before sitting in the Vivah Mandap. Nature encompasses the entire spot and a little town lies close by.


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